Newsletter: February 15, 2020

Hello all,

I had a good week in the lab, and a spent a bunch of time writing my first trip report - of many I hope - at NetApp.  Great to get that info to R&D.  I sure hope they use it. I trust everyone had a great week?  And Friday was Valentines Day, but not a big deal in our house as I am told it is a made up day to generate revenue to card company’s and flower shops.

I did get a couple of articles out.  The first article is about how vSphere is not a tax.  Which is important as so many people are calling vSphere a tax. Which makes no sense. I think it might be open source that people are confused by and think that VMware should cost like open source.  The second article was by my guest author and it was another interesting one. BTW, I did another Catalina upgrade so I learned and I updated my Catalina upgrade article.

But as you might suspect, lots to share so lets get started!

Have a great week,


Heads up: If you are using  vVols be careful upgrading to 6.7 U3
This is a big deal and it is very good that Eric has shared out this article. I can say that NetApp HCI is looking into potential workarounds or mitigation.  Not sure if that will be possible but be aware. What I am curious about is I used vVols on my 6.7 U3 system for a while until I had to stop using them due to some software I was going to work with. But I had no issues that I noticed.

How to exclude VCSA UI / CLI installer from MacOS Catalina Security Gatekeeper
William has an interesting problem and solution in this article.  And very helpful for those of us who install VCSA via the Mac.

vGPU and vMotion, why the long stun times?
Duncan has an interesting article about VMs that have long vMotion times and and why they occur.  If you are using vGPU you should be aware of this.

Workload Migration to VMware Cloud Foundation using VMware HCX - Part2
This article is about planning and preparing to migrate to VCF using HCX.  Some good planning info!

How to automate the creation of multiple routable VLANs on single L2 network using VyOS
William has an interesting article - one in fact I might have to use too one day - about how to make a simple home lab network more powerful.

Top 20 articles for vSphere, January 2020
A good list of support articles in this article.  Remember that these are the articles that were most used in the month of January. One of the articles - number 6 is one that I have seen used a few times lately - changing root account password of the VCSA.

Let’s Start to Fill Our Toolbox
Interesting article about your vRA toolbox which is a lot of vRO actually.

Quick Post: Visual Studio Code is now my Default SSH Client and Linux File Editor!
Anthony talks about a cool change in his world that I think pretty useful. New SSH client and Editor.

VBR v10 Powershell What’s New
Jim will inform you of the new Powershell cmdlets in VBR v10 in this article.  Which is quite the list.  And Jim, I tried to have this all turned into a module but failed. Maybe in the future if enough people push for it.

VBR v10: A Few of My Favorite Things - Part 1
Jim has an article about his fav things in VBR v10 which is not that far away.  I am quite excited myself about v10.

Backblaze Hard Drive Stats for 2019
This article talks about how the hard drives behave at Backblaze.  Who have a lot of drives - 122,658 under monitoring for example.  I use this list to help me decide what drives I buy for my Synology or other servers. BTW, I recommend Backblaze for your home based offsite backups. Works really good.

And interesting article about building an interesting stereo. Very cool stuff!

New Keyboard Shortcut Manager PowerToy lets Windows 10 user remap their keyboards
I suspect there might be some Windows 10 users that want to remap a key or two and so it is good that is possible now.  See more in this article. I remember long ago how useful the Power Toys were so I am quite happy they are coming back.

Digital transformation: 3 ways to ease the fear factor
Dave has a very interesting article about easing the fear for digital transformation.  I think it is good info, but what I find interesting is that I used what he suggests when I implemented new technology for customers - like virtualization or Lotus Domino for example.  So I know he is suggesting very good stuff!

CKA - Certified Kubernetes Administrator - Learning Resources
You can find more info on the CKA process in this article. This sounds like a good idea - getting you CKA.  While not so many customers need it yet, you will be ready for when the need grows!

Rise of the Machines - using AI, Machine Learning and Automation to improve your security posture
This article is very interesting.  And it makes a lot of sense too.  It is about improving your security using some powerful tools and how Juniper can help.  And how it uses IBM to help too.  Interesting stuff.

Flash Testing tools - CrystalDiskMark
This is a useful tool for laptops and desktop but it is NOT for servers. If you want to use it for testing on your laptop see this article for info.

Asteroid warning: NASA tracks a 1 KM rock that could kill millions on rapid Earth approach
You can learn about this excitement in this article.  Important to note that it will miss us by 3.58 million miles.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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