Newsletter: January 18, 2020


I hope this finds everyone good?  This week has been amazing here in Calgary.  I think the whole week had an extreme cold warning.  Really difficult actually. But it is going to start to break on Saturday and be normal on Sunday so that is good. So no grilling this weekend probably.  I spent most of my week working on some new (new to me and NetApp HCI) BCDR software, and trying to stay warm.

I worked on a couple of vRA articles this past week (and weekend).  They were tough to do but they work.  I will try and make them easier to follow this weekend.  Here is the article on the install, and the article on making vRA useful. As well my guest author did another article too.

Last week I shared the PR for Veeam being bought, but today I am sharing an article that Anton Gostev (SVP) wrote and I know Anton well and respect him a lot so this article is very good to share.

But as always, I have things to share so lets get started.

Have a great week everyone!


VMware vSphere & Microsoft LDAP Channel Binding & Signing
This important article will help you understand how changes in March of this year that Microsoft will make may impact vSphere.  Good stuff to understand and check now (before it impacts you)!

Revisiting vSAN’s Free Capacity Recommendations
This article is quite interesting and really well done.  If you want to learn more about vSAN and free capacity you should check it out.

First Class Disks / Enhanced Virtual Disks revisited
Cormac has some good learning on this subject.  I have not worked with first class disks before but it is interesting.

VMware Validated Design 5.1.1 now GA
You can find more info on this subject - the release notes is good for more info.

ESXi on the new 2019 Apple Mac Pro
William talks about ESXi on the new Mac Pro in this article, and I have heard he will update it as he learns more. This is very good news for home labs (if you have lots of money)!

iSCSI Port Binding: To Use or Not to Use
This article will help if you have questions around iSCSI and it has links to more learning too.

Forwarding vCenter Events into AWS EventBridge using vCenter Event Broker appliance
An interesting article by William that will help you with some interesting stuff in VMC. EventBridge and Event Broker are very cool tools.

Explore vSphere + Bitfusion - The future of AI & ML
An odd article that is a collection of questions and answers from a tweet chat but still interesting.  I love the idea of Bitfusion.  Will be very handy!

How to setup VMware Skyline Collector 2.3
This article will help you get this most excellent tool setup and working. Skyline is a most excellent tool that helps with proactive support.  That means it might tell you that you have a problem that it found in your logs before you experience that problem.  So very cool.  I was quite irritated when it came out and there was no basic support, but I was told that VMware will continue to build into vSphere more health functionality. So that is good for everyone including people with basic support.

VMware Enterprise PKS 1.6.1 now GA
Here is the release notes and the bits for this new version.

App Volumes 4.0 now GA
Here is the release notes on this new release of App Volumes, and a blog article about it too.

How to create Application App Stacks in App Volumes 4.0
A nice article that will help you create an app stack.  Interesting stuff!

How to upgrade App Volumes 2.18 to 4.0
This article will help you understand what is new in 4.0 and how to upgrade. 4.0 looks like a big upgrade in terms of features and functionality.

VMware vSGA for Content-Rich VDI
This article talks about vSGA and vGPU in VDI and it is interesting to see that vSGA can work for a multiple of workloads. The NVIDIA vGPU is still best for the heavy duty workloads like compute - intensive like 3D modeling.

Configuring the Horizon Event Database in Code
This article will help you with doing the event database for View in PowerShell so that is pretty cool.

vRA 7.4 deployment fails on database creation
I have spent serious time on vRA 8 lately so I sort of miss 7.x.  So when I saw this article I thought it worth sharing! It is an interesting problem.

Setting the vRA Software Agent to run as a different user
This very interesting article is about how you can use the vRA agent to do something that it doesn’t normally do.  Very interesting indeed.

vRO 8 Web Interface and Legacy Swing Usage
This article talks about some of the new stuff in vRO 8. It does look a lot better and more useful now too.

VMware Cloud on AWS v1.9 now GA
You can find out what is new in the release notes. There is some interesting new stuff - I like the activity log changes, but also some interesting fixes.

Introducing PowerVCF
This article talks about how there is a new module for PowerShell that will help you interact with SDDC Manager and the VMware Cloud Foundation stack.  Pretty useful I think!

Deploy Kubernetes on AWS
An interesting article to help you with K8’s on AWS. It even helps you take advantage of things on AWS like the LoadBalancers. BTW, the same author has an article on getting K8’s working on vSphere too.

Why Kubernetes on Virtual Machines?
Chip has an interesting article on what it means to have K8’s on bare metal, or in virtual machines.  Some very good points!

Why do we vCommunity?
An interesting article on an important subject.  The vCommunity is important to me too.

How to display message before OpenSSH authentication
I wondered how this was done so when I saw this article I was curious and impressed.

Air-gapped backups with object storage immutability
An article that has some good points and hopefully one that can help people start thinking differently.  I think v10 in Veeam will be quite helpful in this area.

VeeamPN 2.1 - Configure static IP for Network Hub
Dean has a nice article on getting VeeamPN working.  It is a good tool that I used to use as well.

A lazy fix 20 years ago means the Y2K bug is taking down computers now
I did a lot of work in the Y2K time-frame, so this article really caught my attention. I am not surprised!

Major Brazilian Bank tests Homomorphic Encryption on Financial Data
I thought this article was quite interesting as the bank is going to do ML on data that is encrypted. I thought that would break ML. If this works it is pretty darn cool and also very important as it is a good way to protect people’s information.

How often should you change your password?
Some very good points about passwords.  We do need new thinking on passwords.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far!


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