Newsletter: January 11, 2020

Hello all,

I hope that everyone had a good week?  I did.  Working in the lab on a new BCDR tool is always interesting. But the weather has gotten poor.  I walked to a meeting yesterday and it was -18 C but today when my wife went to work it was -21 and it felt like -30.  So no BBQ or grilling this weekend!

Did you see that Veeam was bought?  Here is the PR but if you are a Veeam customer you should be excited as I think this is a good thing.

I also want to say thank you to a reader that made a suggestion to me, and it has turned into an interesting article I am working on now. Thank You.

I have lots to share so I should get started!

Have a great week,


Getting started with VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF)
I know people that work on making the VCF, and I have talked with partners and customers that use it, but I have not every played with it.  Which is too bad as it sounds interesting.  You can learn more about it in this article thanks to Cormac. This article is the first of a few on this subject so I am already looking forward to them!

Leverage vCenter Converter to migrate to VMware Cloud on AWS
I have - in the past, used the Converter, and the tool before it - P2V -, to migrate from physical to virtual and it worked good.  But in this article it talks about using it on VMC and I think the article is a good idea as the security in VMC might complicate things.

VMware Project Pacific - First Impressions
An interesting look at Project Pacific.  I think this Project Pacific stuff is pretty amazing and an important part of the future with VMware.

PCIE Device NUMA Locality
Frank has a very detailed and interesting article on some things with PowerShell I was not aware was possible.  Great stuff Frank!

Weekend vCenter Error Fixing
This article will help you fix a couple of vCenter alarms.  And it is not as simple and clear as it should be so the article is quite helpful.

Simple Network Mapping using VMware Tools and Netstat
This article shows you how to map your network using the new capability in VMware Tools.

App Volumes Delivers Packages in the New Year!
This article talks about the next version of App Volumes which is not too far off.  I have not worked with App Volumes but I will agree they sound interesting and the article has some nice use cases.

VMware Horizon 7: Instant Clone Pools Delete VMs on Restart
This article can definitely help your troubleshooting with instant clones as it has a method of NOT deleting the VM on restart.

Working with UAG’s
This article will help you with your UAG’s but in a surprising way - via APIs.  So quite interesting.

What’s New in HCX - December 13th - Mobility Groups (R132a)
This article talks about the new stuff in HCX and it sounds pretty interesting. It is a powerful migration tool and I think more people need to know about it!

Solving Office 365 Activation problems with VMware UEM
This article is of the type I love to share, where it shows a problem and the troubleshooting and finally a solution!

Intel NUC 9 Pro & Extreme - First “Modular” NUC
William has a good breakdown on these new NUC’s so if you are curious check out his article.

Discover, Visualize, Optimize: How vRealize Network Insight Helps You Manage Kubernetes Clusters
I believe that vRNI is something that can help in a lot of areas.  Like BCDR to help identify app components, and who apps talk too, but also general network issues.  But in this article you will learn how it can help you with K8’s.

vSphere Support for Intel FPGA
This article will share about how vSphere supports FPGA and in fact what is is too. The author is very good at sharing knowledge.

Solving Mac OS 8’s Y2K20 Bug
As someone who did a lot of work in the Y2K era, this title caught my attention.  If you have the issue this article will help solve it.

I solved Natural Hazard DR with Python and Datrium
Andre has an interesting article about automatically triggering DR based on weather. Possible due to Datrium functionality I think.  Cool stuff.

Using PowerShell to View and Change BIOS settings
This article has some good info to show you how to check out your BIOS.  Not sure if it works on all or just some hosts.  Important to note that this is for Windows hosts - I heard hosts and thought ESXi.

Rethinking Security from Scratch: The case for Shifting Container Security from the Edge to the Core
An interesting article that has some very good points we need to think about in the container world. Security does change with containers.

Dirk Hohndel: The Challenge of Securing Open Source’s Software Supply Chain
This article has a video interview in it about how we need to think different about the open source world, and how we need to protect ourselves better.  This is something I always have thought about - what would happen if a bad guy was able to get something into open source that no - one noticed and it ended up running at my clients.  Not a good thing to think about as it is quite worrisome. So I agree with the Dirk guy.

Kobol Helios64 open source NAS coming in March
This new NAS is pretty cool.  It even has a UPS built in. Check it out in this article. I already have a pretty good NAS so won’t be buying this one but it does look interesting.

Harbor 1.10 Puts Security and Pluggable Scanners in the Linelight
This article talks about a new or newish version of Harbor and the cool stuff that is new - which all makes good sense to me.

macOS Catalina: How to master Dark Mode for Mac
I have have seen people have trouble with dark mode, and I have seen people who have it down and it is pretty cool so for the people that are new to Dark Mode check out this article as it might help.

The Hidden Figures Behind Bletchley Park’s Code-Breaking Colossus
I know about the Enigma decoding efforts in Bletchley Park, but this article talks about something much more complex and difficult to crack and it had 273 women working on it too plus was more discrete too.

New Year, New Decade, My First Blog
Here is the first blog someone did.  I think I met this person at a Dallas VMUG but not sure. And yes, interesting blog, not just Hello World that some do.

Simulating the VMware Cloud on AWS API using Stoplight Prism Tool
A different type of article from William but full of good info on using a VMC API.

Looking for the Perfect Dashboard: InFluxDB, Telegraf, and Grafana
Jorge has a very nice article if you are a Veeam user and want a very nice dashboard that provides a very good overview of things!

You too can stink at Information Security
An funny but relevant article on information security.  I have also worked with customers that subscribed to some of the bad ideas the author shares. I think security is so important now in IT that it even means in our home labs we have to be much more secure and in home monitoring too!

Terraform, vSphere, and Cloud-Init oh my!
Grant has an interesting article that is the first in a series on the Terraform / vSphere / Cloud-Init subject. Here is the second article.

NetApp ONTAP 9.7 Review
This article reviews the latest for ONTAP.

What should my home lab look like?
Matt asks this question in his article and makes some good points. I am a big home lab advocate and have had one for a very long time.  In fact my first was a single Compaq server - Proliant 1900 if I remember right. Nice article - thanks Matt.

Australia is Blazing into the Pyrocene - The Age of Fire
This article talks about the horrible situation in Australia and how it is sort of the future in a few places. I hope things get cold and wet soon.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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