Newsletter: December 27, 2019

Hello all,

I hope that everyone had a nice Christmas.  I did.  It was with my in-laws, and it was busy and loud but really nice.  Trying to do my newsletter now in their dinning room, but with Internet that is sort of like dial-up. I do have a fair bit of good stuff to share so hope it all works for me!

I did have my guest author do an article again about codecs and video. He usually does interesting stuff that is different and this time no different.

Have a great week, and I wish you all the best in 2020!


VMware Security Advisory - VMSA-2019-0023
This security advisory is about VMware Workstation and the Horizon View Agent. It is about DLL-hijacking. The solution is to upgrade to the latest of either product.

RSS feed for VMware Release Notes
William shares with us the good news about how we can use RSS to capture release notes for a variety of products and that is pretty cool.

How to backup ESXi hosts with PowerCLI
Falko has an interesting article about backing up your ESXi hosts.  A nice idea before you do things like firmware or memory upgrades.

Application Discovery in vSphere with VMware Tools 11
In Williams last article for the year he shares some interesting info.  Application Information can be determined via PowerShell for example.  What excites me the most is that tools like vRealize Operations should be able to pull some useful info too.

VMware Believes in Our Users
An interesting article about what people are thinking about in their virtual environments.

The Darkest Side of vSphere
Bob has in this article not really the darkest side of VMware but rather some things not everyone knows about so it is good to check out.

The lightest Side of vSphere
Bob has in this article some of what people consider the coolest features of vSphere. I could not help myself and added a comment that said for me it is virtualization itself that is the coolest.

What’s in a Name? How vSphere came to be named?
Bob again has a nice little article about something interesting.  How did vSphere get named?

Securing VMware Horizon UAGs with Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates
A very interesting article about using SSL certs with UAG.  Not just how to get them into use but lots more.  Nicely done!

vCD Edge SSL Certificate Management via PowerShell for Tenants
The key word in this that drew my attention was tenants.  Definitely harder to do things sometimes for tenants.  So this article was quite interesting.

Top vRA8 Deployment Considerations Webinar Q&A
You can find all the Q&A from two sessions on vRA8 Deployment so pretty interesting stuff! If you do much with vRA8 then you need to check out these questions and answers!

NSX-T: Configure DHCP Server
If you are interested in learning more about NSX-T primarily around the DHCP server this article can help.

NSX-T: Configure Network Address Translation (NAT)
Again, you can learn more about NSX-T in this article, around the oddness of NAT.

Notes from the field: Hyper-V to VMware migrated VMs cannot install VMware Tools
This article talks about the problem, and a solution.  Good info as it was found working at a customer. If you do migration it is a good article to check out.

VMware Cloud on AWS First Steps
An interesting article about getting started in VMC and part of a series too.

Aggressive NTP Configuration on Windows 10
This article will help you solve a time issue on Windows 10 that sounds pretty interesting.

New Homelab hardware arrived
I like the articles that talk about the hardware they bought and why.  This article is more about what he bought but still interesting.

Tweak These Google Chrome Settings to Level Up your Browsing
Interesting suggestions this article has on changing your browsing.

Voice Control: When technology becomes more accessible everyone wins
This article is about a writer who breaks a finger and then uses some of the accessibility features in iOS to help.  It is interesting just how much accessibility support is in iOS.  Very cool.

USB drives and iPhone 11 / iPad Pro 10.5
So I had a question around this recently so I played with it today.  I put a USB - USB-c converter on a memory stick and stuck it into my iPad and loaded the Files app.  The memory stick showed and disappeared a few times before it stayed and I could browse it at that point no problem.  I then used a Lacie Orange external drive with a USB-C connector / cable and connected it to the iPad and it was immediately useful.  Amazing stuff really!

Get the most out of your new iPhone, iPad, or Mac with these accessories
This article has a good list of accessories that you might find useful with your new gear!

Apple Platform Security - Fall 2019
Apple recently released this and it is interesting stuff.  If you want to learn more about Apple security check this article out.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


=== The End ===

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