Newsletter: December 14, 2019

Hello all,

I hope everyone had a good week?  I did, and it was sure nice to be home for a week, and next week at home too so pretty nice.

There was an iOS release this week (iOS and iPadiOS) and this was 13.3 and it was an important one.  It had 12 security fixes in it and that makes it worth installing quicker rather than slower. There were updates for the Apple Watch, TV and Catalina but I did not write about those but I did all of them with no issues.

I found a nice utility to make it really easy to check MD5sum or shasum kind of thing.  So not at the command line but in the UI.  It is called Hash Calculator and is in the Mac App Store. It works quite well and supports a wide range of protocols.

Since I have half of our family coming over tonight for dinner and to exchange gifts, I think I can safely add Happy Holidays everyone!

Lets started with the sharing, quite a range today.

Have a great week,


Oracle RAC on vSAN 6.7 P01 0 - No more Eager Zero Thick requirement for shared VMDKs
This article talks about an important change for RAC users on vSAN.

Configuring a VMware Tools Repository in vSphere 6.7 U1
I have done this before, when I worked at VMware and had several hundred identical servers where we used Auto Deploy, and that works even better if you use a VMware Tools Repo. So it is good to see this article on how to create a VMware Tools Repo.  I would also suggest that you always use the same version that is on your hosts.

Hot and Cold Migrations; Which Network is Used?
A great learning article in case you do not know all the info in the answer to the question above.  I have not met the author but I do like reading his articles.  He was a very good addition to the TM team at VMware.

Containers and VMs - A practical Comparison
Here is a link to a nicely done lightboard on Containers and VMs.  Good breakdown.

VMware Horizon 7 v7.11 now GA
Thursday Horizon 7.11 dropped.  Here are the release notes.  I like how they are continuing to build out the Console. I have not been able to get the bits yet so no idea on how the upgrade goes or how Console looks. I just found this blog article that talks about 7.11 and it even has a video.

Windows 10 Modern Management Technical Overview with Workspace ONE UEM
An interesting video that does a good job showing off ONE / UEM and what it can do. Pretty amazing actually.

Wavefront Plugin for Jenkins: The Native Wavefront-Jenkins Integration Solution
I have heard people complaining of monitoring Jenkins and so this article caught my attention.  I really like Wavefront and using it with Jenkins makes so much sense to me.

vRealize Automation 8.0 - Lets Talk About XaaS
This article does a great job talking about XaaS in vRA 8. Good info!

HOWTO: Deploy vRealize Automation 8 with Easy Install
Nice article on installing vRA 8. It is easy now, but it is also quite different so this article is helpful.

vRealize Operations VM Uptime in Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds
This article can help you create a useful improvement in vROps. It looks pretty cool actually. I find it handy sometimes to know how long a VM has been running - or not running for long.

NSX-T integration with vCloud Director 10
This article explains all about the integration that NSX-T and vCD have.

5 VMware tools that you didn’t know were free
This article has some nice tools mentioned.  I wish I could have Skyline for my home lab - that is not unreasonable on my part as I did have Support Assistant in my lab for many years.

Official VMware Visio Stencils and Icons for 2019
You can find them and more info in this article.

Thunderbolt 3 vs. USB-C: What’s the difference?
This article is quite informative, and with some new info too.  Today Thunderbolt is four times faster than USB-C (so 40 Gbps) but USB-C will change in the future.

Fixing WSUS issues with the SolarWinds Diagnostic tool for the WSUS Agent
This article can help if you are having issues with WSUS, not with all problems but with some of them!

Veeam Cloud Tier - Copy Mode
Nice article that talks about a new mode in the Cloud Tier of VBR v10 when it ships.

Synthetic Full Jobs created via the Self-Service Portal Run slower by default
This article talks about an interesting problem, as well as the solution!

V10 Enhancement - Mounting Object Storage Repo for DR
Anthony has an article about a new feature - Mount - in v10 of VBR.  Pretty cool but it is not a true DR tool.  Maybe it is a plan d in a disaster but not a plan a.

V10: New alarms, remediation & enhanced diagnostics
Kirsten has an interesting article about new Veeam ONE features that are interesting.  I really like VID.

How to recover a failed Veeam Backup for Office 365 Repository
Falko has another interesting article that I think should be quite helpful for sysadmins who get into trouble.

Yubico Authenticator App for iOS now Supports NFC
This article talks about Yubico and how it is now available for iOS and supports NFCnow.  I know people that quite like Yubico, so if you are interested check it out.

Stable for the Holidays: Kubernetes 1.17 Focuses on Refining Existing Features
In this article you can learn about the latest K8’s release. I really like how the last release of the year is about improving things rather than new features.

The NSX HSTS Security Feature Mystery
This article is pretty interesting, and I wonder if anyone can explain things to the author as there is really a mystery?

New ransomware attacks target your NAS devices, backup storage
This article talks about more issues in the security area we need to worry about.

iOS Photo Metadata Utility Metapho Adds deep Fusion and Night Mode Photo Detection
This cool utility is also handy for removing metadata from your picture before you share it with the world.

Resources for Adapting to zsh in Catalina
Before Catalina the terminal was bash but now it is zsh in Catalina so this article may be useful.  I have not really noticed the difference - but I am a simple user of the shell. Also I just realized it is not yet zsh, I need to convert to it, which I did.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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