Newsletter: December 7, 2019

Hello all,

I hope everyone is doing well?  I had an interesting week at an internal Sales and SE enablement thing where we also had partners too.  It was interesting and I hope everyone sees the incredible value I see in NetApp HCI.

I am home for the rest of the month which is pretty nice. Except for a couple of weeks out of home at my wife’s parents place.  That will be fun mind you. I am hopeful this means some technical blogs will be done.

I want to say thanks very much to Zeuck as he shared with me a KB article to fix my vROps v8 issue.  My google was not up to the task so it is very good that Zeluck helped out - thanks very much!

Have a great week!


vCenter Server 6.7 Update 3b now GA
This update has some security updates that are worth having sooner, rather than later.  So yes, updated my lab now. Here is the release notes.

ESXi 6.7 Patch Release ESXi670-201912001
This updates has a number of security and critical updates in it.  Here is the release notes. I have updated two labs with no issues.

Cloud Migration Series: Part 4 - Planning and Considerations
Moving VMs into, or out of the cloud is a big deal.  Research needs to be done, even if there is cool tools.  And this article helps! It mentions vRNI which is a pretty interesting tool, I wish I could play with it in my lab.

Finally vSphere 6.7 Flash-based Web Client Deprecated
This was not a surprise as we were expecting and waiting to see that little bit of red. But there is some additional info in the article which is good to see.

The Evolution of Content Library
I am a big fan of the Content Library and have been using it since it was first released.  The improvements since then have been very handy and made it even more useful. So I liked to see this article that talks about the history and evolution of the CL.

5 things to do after installing VMware ESXi
You can find the five things in this article, but I would add log forwarding to the list, and checking for updates too.

Update ESXi fails with dependency error vmkapi_2_0_0_0
The problem, and solution are discussed in this article.  Good stuff!

Planning Your Distributed Log Insight Deployments
Rob has a good article on planning your LI deployments which is quite useful! It is very easy to install and get up and running one LI instance.  But some planning is required when you want a distributed setup and using load balancing.  So it is good that Rob helps with the planning!

Using vROps to track adoption - Such as VMware Tools upgrades
This is an interesting use case for vROps but a very good one too!

Cloud-Init - Part 1 - The Basics
Luc has an interesting article that PowerShell users might find handy.  It is interesting stuff.

PowerCLI Cookbook for VMware vSAN
Jase has recently updated this most excellent resource for PowerCLI and vSAN.

File Hash Calculator in PowerShell
Falko has a nice article on how you can do file hash checks via PowerShell.  Very handy!

VMware Named a Leader in the Forrester Wave: Unified Endpoint Management, Q4 2019
This was good to see as I think more people need to understand how good the whole Horizon solution is!

VMware Horizon: Windows 7 and Windows 8 Support
VMware lays out its policy of support in View for Win7 and Win8 so customers can deal with the MS dropping support better. If you have Win7 or Win8 in View, you need to read the article!

VMware’s Dirk Hohndel:  Why Container Security has no Easy Answers
This is an interesting article with good points but also has links to the original podcast. I agree that this could be quite an issue.

Tanzu Mission Control - VMworld 2019 Updates
Cormac has a great article on Tanzu and what it means and does.  Very exciting stuff as I think the combination of it, and Project Pacific will be pretty amazing.

Automating Host Maintenance with the vCenter Event Broker Appliance
This article talks on how you can disable alarms on a host who has gone into maintenance mode, and how they will be enable when it leaves MM all via the Event Broker.  Cool stuff!

The VMware Labs Flings monthly for November 2019
There is quite a list of new and updated flings in this article.  I love the idea of Horizon Reach and vSAN Live.

Veeam Launches new AWS-Native Backup Solution in AWS Marketplace
This is good news for AWS users - find out more info in this article. Anthony has a nice article on this new product.

V10: Top 10 New features Vanguards are excited about!
This article is the parent to a series of articles that Veeam Vanguards did about their favorite features in v10.

How to modify an .ova appliance file
Falko has a great article on how you can modify an OVA file so that it is customized for your needs.  Very cool as I often wondered how to do this.

Europe has run out of IPv4 Address Space
This was going to happen sooner or later, and likely will happen elsewhere before we get most ISP on IPv6.

NetApp HCI for VDI with VMware Horizon 7
This is a good guide to help you get started in NetApp HCI with View and NVIDA.

Backblaze Hard Drive Stats Q3 2019
This article talks about what Backblaze has learned about the drives in their datacenter.  Good info that is useful when you need to buy more drives for your lab.

The 2020 Sci-Fi Film Guide
I saw this - and it is done by Popular Mechanics no less - and I thought it pretty interesting as several of the movies it mentions I would like to see.

For teens and college-age kids to thrive, parents need to stop doing this
Someone asked me recently about how to track their kids.  I said it was possible and not hard, but should they?  I wished I had this article to share with them.

NASA shares photo of International Space Station passing by the sun and it’s beautiful
This article has some excellent pictures of the sun, and ISS as well.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far!


=== END ===

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