Newsletter: November 16, 2019

Hello all,

I am finally at home again, and for a couple of weeks.  I was at VMworld EMEA which was most excellent - it was very good to see old friends and meet new ones.  Then a few days in Zurich with a very cool partner.    You will hear more about the partner in my blog in the future.  Is cool stuff. I do have an interesting range of stuff to share today. As always, I hope something for everyone.

BTW, my first technical HCI blog has surfaced at NetApp.  If you are curious about PowerShell and NetApp HCI you can learn more here.

Have a great week,


vSphere & Intel JCC, TAA, and MCEPSC/IFU: What you need to know
Bob has a great security article about some complex things that is in fact pretty easy to read.  And I did what he said - I upgraded my work, and home lab hosts. So should you!

VMware Project Pacific - collection of materials
This article has collected all of the Project Pacific articles and sessions if you are interested in learning more.  It is pretty interesting stuff!

End User Computing Announcements at VMworld 2019 Europe
In this article you can see what you may have missed at VMworld.  Some interesting things - and I love how much Workspace ONE is growing.  The Smartfolio, and business card support are amazing, but I love the integration of Carbon Black too.

My VMworld EU 2019 Presentations
Wouter has an article that has links to his preso’s and video at VMworld where possible.

HBI1812TE - vSphere Upgrade Workshop
In this article you can get session content for the upgrade workshop if you need it.

How to Enable Patient Device Wipe in Epic & Workspace ONE UEM
This is sort of neat in that it sounds like a hospital will send info to a patients device, and when they check out remove it.  Very interesting.  See more in this article.

A VMware Admin’s First Impressions of vRealize Automation 8 (vRA8)
There is a part 1 and a part 2 on this subject.  Interesting stuff.  Another guy - like me - that realizes this is a v1.0 type thing now - which is a little frustrating but I do see the big picture and I think that this is a good thing.

Best Practices for Enterprise Kubernetes on the VMware SDDC
In this article you can find best practices for PKS and OpenShift in the VMware SDDC.

VMware Enterprise PKS 1.6 Enhances Management for Running Production Kubernetes Workloads
In this article you can learn about this new update, and there is definitely some good new stuff!

The new world of Kubernetes - Containers and orchestration overview
Michael has an nice intro to K8’s and some of the building blocks.

TFD20 Follow Up - Veeam Cloud Tier Glossary
Anthony has a follow up article from TFD that helps with a glossary and links to the sessions he did.

Cooking up some Veeam Deployment with Chef Automation - Part 1
Michael has a nice article on this subject, but I wish he used Puppet as my experience and research says it is used by more Windows users (and Chef by Linux).  I did confirm that with an automation company too.  But, if you use Veeam and Chef Michael has you covered.

Public Cloud: All aboard the Hype Train
A nice article about public cloud and very down to earth. Good points and definitely helps deal with the hype.

Dock’s Verifiable Claims Ecosystem
If you use Dock this article will be some good info on verifiable claims.

The Internet thinks these things are Aliens.  The truth is much more sinister.
In this article, there is a link to a video that is pretty amazing. These owls are pretty odd looking.  And slightly like aliens.

Five Things you probably didn’t know GPS could do
A nice collection of different uses of GPS shown in this article. GPS is very useful to me in my hiking, scrambling and exploring but it is used in so many different ways now.

iOS 13.2.2 now available with fix for background app performance, and more
This article talks about 13.2.2 and it sounds like an important update.  My devices had no issue with the upgrade.  And yes, one over the air, and two - the important two, via iTunes with encrypted backups.

Security is a key focus in macOS Catalina
This article talks more about the security side of Catalina and there is some good info in it.

16-inch MacBook Pro - Clickity clack, the good keyboard is back!
In this review you can learn about the new MBP that includes a new keyboard. This new MBP sounds pretty good!

Thanks, for reading or skimming this far,


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