Newsletter: November 9, 2019

Hello all,

This is coming to you from Zurich, on a cold rainy day but where the city still looks beautiful. It was a busy work at VMworld EMEA but I was able to talk to lots of nice people about cool stuff so that was pretty good.  Monday I am talking to a partner and it should be pretty interesting. After that I get to go home for a while!!

I only got out a guest written article this past week. I thought it was interesting so I hope you liked it. I am still working on one about making vRA 8 useful.

But as you might expect, I have things to share so lets get started. Not as many as usual due to my difficult schedule but still some interesting things.

Have a great week,


Introducing VMware Skyline Health for vSphere
I really like VMware Skyline Health, and was very disappointed when I had it confirmed it would never be available for basic support customers.  But I was also told they were going to build up the health info inside vSphere.  So this article is talking about that and I think it will be good for customers.

Announcing VMware Skyline Health for vSAN
This article explains what is happening but it is essentially vSAN Heath and Skyline Health becoming one service, which is good, and will provide more proactive help for customers.

How does Project Pacific Deliver 8% Better performance than bare metal?
This article explains that 8% but I think we saw this sort of thing long again on the virtualization early days - applications were faster in vSphere than outside of vSphere. Are you interested in the Project Pacific beta - if so check out this article.

VMware Cloud Director is no more ….. Long Live vCD [VMware Cloud Director Service for VMC]
Anthony talks about the new VMware Cloud Director Service for VMC that was announced at VMworld EMEA in this article.

vCenter Event Broker Appliance
This new fling is pretty cool.  It makes it somewhat easy to do things like trigger the addition of a tag to a VM when it is provisioned.  But it can also do things like send a text when a host goes away.  A lot of possibilities! William did a session on this so if you search for CODE1379UR on you will be able to view it.

VMware Horizon Client 5.2.1 for Mac now available
This update includes support for Catalina and some other fixes as well. Here is the release notes.

The beginners Guide to Git & GitHub
This article is a good introduction to Git and working with it. I think even for PowerShell scripts it is pretty handy.

My First International VMUG
Dave has a writeup on his first International VMUG that sounds pretty darn good.  I wish I had gone!

Coming Soon - Veeam Availability Orchestrator v3
You can read about the new version of VAO in Melissa’s article. I love VAO, as I worked on it so long, and believe in it so much, so it is good this new version is out.

Apple releases free fonts for iOS
I am not sure that I require new fonts, but I suspect anyone producing customer facing materials may appreciate some new fonts.  Find out more in this article.

Hello, Earthlings, we are here to destroy you
I thought this article was funny, but also had some interesting points.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


=== END ===

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