Newsletter: November 2, 2019

Hello all,

Another week in the lab, and this time working with vRealize Automation v8.  It has been interesting to say the least.  You saw the article about the first install failure? Then after some help I got things working for my install article - second try though. I am having trouble making vRA 8 useful.  That will be in my next article but will take some time.

As well, some new Apple versions dropped - iPadOS 13.2 and iOS 13.2.

At VMworld there is something interesting for you.  VMworld Odyssey Lab Competition, so you should sign up and perhaps win a MacBook Pro.

I will be in a number of different airports / cities as I write this issue.  Calgary, Toronto, and Barcelona so we will see when I actually release it.

Have a great week,


Introducing the Workspace ONE Intelligence Automation Connector
This sounds most amazing actually, I love the example they use of a managed device is in trouble due to third party Intel feed in from CVE feeds, and that causes a Slack notice to the user that owns the device that something is wrong and needs fixing and a service ticket is generated for the help desk to reach out and help.  Very nice!

vSphere 6.5+ DRS Pairwise Balancing
Another fascinating article from Frank, that is very good stuff to learn from.

Creating an Asset Inventory for vSphere Infrastructure
Bob has an article that has some great points,  If you don’t have an asset inventory how will you know what to patch or secure?

vSAN Stretched Cluster Guide
Jase got this guide updated for vSphere 6.7 and it is a pretty darn good guide and very useful.

Synchronizing NSX security tags with vSphere tags using AWS Lambda
I was surprised when I first heard - some time ago - that NSX and vSphere tags were different.  I tried to argue and do something about it but failed.  So when I saw this article that helps you sync them I thought it pretty cool.

VMware vSphere Update Manager
Melissa has an article all about VUM which is a great tool that all VMware customers have access to. If you are not using VUM - you should be, but if not check out the article then get started.

vRealize Operations dashboards to monitor VMware Cloud on AWS
Sunny has an interesting article that has a number of useful dashboards for monitoring VMC with vROps.

Upgrade to vRealize Operations 8 fails due to low space on /dev/sda
This VMware KB article has been seen in the wild. So it is good to know about it if you have not done your vROps upgrade yet.

Using the Upgrade Assessment Tool for vRealize Operations 8
This KB article will explain more about this useful tool.  It can be used to scan your installed vROps to determine if you are using discontinued metrics or dashboards and suggest alternatives if you are.

Workload Migration Strategies with Cloud Foundation
This new whitepaper will help you understand the options and possibilities of migrating to a Cloud Foundation based cloud. It has a range of helpful info.

VMware Horizon now has DR to VMware Cloud on AWS
You can learn more about this functionality, and get a demo via this article.

vRealize Automation v8 FAQ
This collection of questions and answers on the very new version of vRA is quite useful.

Authentication and Authorization in Kubernetes
Chip has an excellent article on A & A in K8’s and some good learning too!

Building a Blog with Hugo
So Dave has just gotten started with his technical blog.  And it is interesting as he talks about how he is doing his blog with Hugo and GitHub.  BTW, here is part 2.

Which cloud should you use for data protection and why
Jason has some good info on this subject and it is definitely worth thinking about when you are making cloud decisions.

Veeam How-To Videos
Veeam has a very nice collection of How-To videos now.  Short, and easy to follow, so if you are a Veeam user you should check them out.

Colorado DOT Post Mortem - Do not do Stupid #$%^
It is always good to check out post mortem as often you can learn from them.  So here is one that is interesting.

How to use Sketch & Markup with iOS 13 and macOS Catalina
This is very cool functionality, and in fact it is a little bit fun too!

USB Storage with iOS 13: The FAQ
This article is more in the form of an FAQ but it answers lots of questions around USB and iOS.

Apple Releases iOS and iPadOS 13.2 with New features, AirPods Pro support, and Home Pod Updates
This article talks abut the new features and updates in 13.2.  Be aware, the HomePad update was pulled after it bricked a few HomePods that had to be actually replaced.  iOS 13.2.1 is out for HomePod.

Hands-On with HomePod’s New Music Features for HomeKit, Shortcuts, and Handoff
Of the new stuff, I am pretty impressed with Handoff.  Playing music, or a phone call, and you can just put your phone over top of the HomePod and it will pick up the music or call and continue with it.  Very cool.

How to play ambient sounds on your HomePod
This is pretty interesting functionality, I really like the Rain choice.  But to learn more about making these new sounds work, check out this article.

How to setup your HomePod to play music when you come home
In this article you can learn how to have your HomePod play music when you walk into your home.  Sort of cool actually.

iOS 13.2 finally lets you change video resolution in the camera app - if you have an iPhone 11
I know numerous people that will appreciate this, but I have shot what i think is amazing pictures so I will not be changing the resolution any time soon. More info in this article.

How to use the Deep Fusion iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro camera feature
This functionality is pretty amazing and this article will help you exploit it best.  This cool functionality is amazing and I am looking forward to play with it.

How to customize the AirPods Pro controls
This article will help you with your new AirPod Pros.  The basic stuff like pairing is easy and works good.  But they have features that are not so obvious so this article is useful!

How to delete your Siri history in iOS 13.2
I am not as worried about this as some people are.  My Apple ID is not associated with the Siri recordings that are checked by Apple so no way to connect with me.  But, it is still good to be able to delete the history and this article will help with that.

Apple Releases AirPods Pro with Noise Cancellation
This article talks about this new product from Apple.  I am pretty excited about these new AirPods Pro. I would not have to carry my Bose headphones with me on airplanes any longer.  Unfortunately my new pair of AirPods Pro will arrive at home a few hours after I leave for VMworld EMEA. Here is a review of someone who has been using the new AirPods Pro for a while.

Apple Releases macOS 10.15.1 Catalina, watchOS 6.1, and tvOS 13.2
In this article you can learn about these new updates.  I have applied all of them with no issue and in fact they are good ones to do.

Anti-vaccine doctor charged with gross negligence over bogus exemptions
This was a nice to see article.  This doctor was not very honest. Have you noticed how some diseases that were gone are coming back?  It is sad.

Protecting Apple Devices from the checkm8 Exploit
Interesting article about something that may be in the wild. Another example of something that requires physical access to our devices in order to exploit.

Google says it achieved quantum supremacy
This article suggests that Google was able to use quantum computing to solve an equation.  That is pretty amazing.

Canadian-made invisibility shield could hide people, spacecraft
This is pretty cool stuff.  I saw a video of a demo and was pretty impressed by it. I think it has a real chance to be useful.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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