vRealize Automation v8 install fails hard!

I thought my vRA 8 install was going good.  But then…..

It says to check the vRSLCM UI.

So I access the UI, and select Lifecycle Operations and see an issue.

It suggests I need to look at the deploy.log file. And yes, I tried the retry but guess what happened.  Same issue.

So I was confused.  I reached out to a friend (Thanks Kim!) for help.  She was able to determine that there was a bug in the Easy Install.

The workaround / solution is to only install vRLCM and VIM, and then stop.  Use vRLCM to install vRA v8 and all will be good.

I am trying that now.  We will see how it goes.  I am writing it up as I go.


  • 10/30/19 - I learned that if you disable the CEIP during the install it will mean the install complete successfully.  And I tested that and it does.  Here is my article on the install.

As always, comments and questions welcome.


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2 thoughts on “vRealize Automation v8 install fails hard!

  1. If CEIP is enabled and the vRA appliance has no internet connectivity its been reported that the install fails. Did the vRA appliance had internet connectivity in your case Michael?

    1. Hello Maher,
      In my case things were different. CEIP was enabled, and the appliance had internet connectivity and the install fails. CEIP disable and it works. This is a confirmed bug BTW. I did not try without Internet.


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