Newsletter: October 12, 2019

Hello everyone,

I hope that this finds everyone well.  I spent the week in the work lab for technical marketing and other people. It is a huge and complex lab and it was fun working in it with the very smart guy who looks after it all. I have a piece of it now and am looking forward to writing about our cool stuff.

BTW, I noticed I have done 736 articles.  Wow.  Thanks to everyone who reads, or who comments.  I am doing this for you!

As you can imagine, I do have a few things to share!

Have a great week!


Project nanoEDGE AKA tiny vSphere / vSAN supported configurations!
Duncan has an interesting article about tiny vSAN / vSphere configs that I know will be very useful to customers with branch offices and remote offices.  Cool stuff and a nice price to it too!

Single Socket vSAN Ready Node AMD EPYC Rome on the VCG
This article is good to know as it gives you extra options when designing solutions. I have not used AMD processors for a long time but these ones sound interesting.

WSFC with Shared disks on vSAN 6.7 U3 Stretched clusters
Jase has an excellent article that is good news for customers who want WSFC on vSAN and now it works pretty darn good!

vCenter Server Appliance: A Tale of Rejuvenation
This article is a bit different but still interesting.

vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager Content Management
This document is a deep dive on learning more about this nice product - which is pretty cool and does more than people expect too.

Site Recovery Manager support for vVols - Tech Preview from VMworld 2019
Cormac is talking in this article of a demo at VMworld that showed SRM supporting protecting vVols and that is pretty darn cool.  He does a nice intro on SRM and vVols too as part of the article.

Automating VDI Template Creation With VMware Code Stream and Hashicorp Packer Part 2: Installing the VDI agents
In part 2 of this interesting article series you learn about automating the install of the agents and some other things too! This is pretty powerful info, and for a big company who wants automatic maintained templates pretty darn useful.

Hidden TCPDump and ETHtool on VMware UAG
Good troubleshooting info for anyone that spends a lot of time in Horizon View area.

Moving a Stateful app from VCP to CSI based K8’s cluster using Velero
Cormac has another article that is quite interesting today, about how you can use backup and recovery to move apps between different types of K8’s clusters.

My Top 5 Veeam ONE Reports for VMware
In this article the author talks about his fav reports from ONE that help with VMware and Backup.  He has some pretty good choices!

The IT Paradox - Its Not Child’s Play
Interesting article on some odd ideas and some good points too.

HDD inside: Tracks and Zones. How hard can it be?
Some good learning in this article. If you want to learn that is.

Pattern Recognition: How Cluster API Reveals the core of Kubernetes
I thought this article was quite interesting.  Not my area but interesting nevertheless.

How to use tvOS 13’s Picture in Picture
This article will help you get this working.  Sort of cool actually.

How to Connect to WiFi Networks Faster in iOS13
Some info on this is good to know if you want faster connections.

Catalina Lands!
I have been using Catalina on an old laptop for a while, and I really like it.  It has been solid and useful for quite some time.  There is a lot of new stuff in it, and a bunch of changed stuff too. Here is an excellent video on it. Here is a good article too. Here is another article that looks at things a little different. Another article that is good too. Here is a review of it by PC Mag. Here is an article on the 8 hidden features of Catalina. Here is a good article that will help you with sync type activities in Catalina.  BTW, I have not upgraded yet as I am on the road and our IT security controls all updates and they have not released Catalina yet.  At home this weekend will update my fav Mac laptop and see how it goes.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


=== END ===

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