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An interesting week for me.  Thursday I do a webinar, and then a race to the airport so that I can do a VMUG in Dallas Friday morning (hope to see you there BTW).  I suspect I could have arranged this a little better.  I like how in a past technical marketing job, webinars were done by the people that did not like to travel, so I did not have to do many.

I had a guest author recently and he did an interesting article. For the next month or so I will be moving a little fast and traveling lots so likely I will not do many articles – other than the newsletter. I have one coming out on the NetApp blog soon and I will be sure to share the link with you.

But, no matter what, I always have something to share. So lets get started.

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vSAN 6.7 U3 – WSFC with Shared Disks and SCSI-3 Persistent Reservations
I mentioned to someone that this was possible and they were surprised.  So I am sharing this article out in case it helps others. This is a yes, it is supported situation now as of U3.

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2019
Bob has an interesting article on this subject. All good ideas even if you are not in the US!

Introducing the Command Center Wall – VMworld 2019
The HOL at VMworld has truly grown.  I was there when it was a bunch of laptops, and then into interesting and powerful custom software. It is very different now and so much more powerful.  But, also, so much more used.  Check out this article on it.  And yes, I have been lucky to get a tour and love the Command Center wall.

Automating VDI Template Creation with VMware Code Stream and HahiCorp Packer – Part 1: Building Windows
This first article on this interesting subject is pretty cool. I think that once you have this working it will be very handy indeed! I know some big customers (in my past) that would love this as they do a lot of template updating. Nicely done article!

Connect Directly to vCenter Server on VMware Cloud on Dell EMC
This article talks about how your on-prem people can connect to vCenter in the cloud in two different ways – good to know as there are different pros / cons of each.

Repointing vCenter Server to another SSO Domain
I did not think that this was easily done, or even possible (without a delete and re-install) but it is now. The full info, and some interesting comments can be found in this article.

“If This Then That” for vSphere: The Power of Event-Drive Automation
This article is pretty interesting.  I had heard of this before, and had missed the session on it at VMworld but I knew it was pretty powerful stuff.  I think that this might be quite helpful to customers over time.

USB Native Driver Fling for ESXi adds support for multi-Gig (1G/2.5G/5G) adapter
William talks about new support for higher speeds in this article that should be interesting and useful for home lab people.

Talking Code: VCSA file-based backup with PowerCLI
This article shows you how to use PowerCLI to do a backup of your VCSA.  It is good to know however, I strongly recommend using your normal backup methodology for the VCSA which means it will end up where all the other backups are, and can be restored using the method that is likely well known on your team.

VMware PowerCLI: shutdown / power-off all VMs with dedicated VMware Tag
This is not something I have needed but it is interesting. See this article on how to do it.

Welcome to the VMware Documentation Tour!
Nick has an article that will help you be more efficient with VMware docs. This recently updated article can be quite helpful if you need help with VMware online docs.

Migrating AWS EC2 Instances to VMware
If you need to migrate EC2 instances to VMware here is an article that will talk you through it.

VCF on VxRail Integration & Use-Case Testing with VMC on AWS Blog Series – Part 1
This article is quite well done.  It is teaching something important, but with lots of screenshots and suggestions how how to do it best makes it quite useful.  Very nicely done.

Network Best Practices for vSphere HA High Availability Clusters
Some good reminders in this article on HA for your network.  And HA is impacted by, and uses the network, so good to have things right and efficient.

VMworld and Other Conference Tips
Ed has some good suggestions in this article, and we are not that far from VMworld EMEA so it might be good to check out his article.

VCP 2019 Study Guide in PDF Format
If you are looking at VCP this article might help but I think you need to confirm as different people like or utilize different study methods.

Disaster Recovery Use Case #2 – Human Error
Andre has an interesting article on the Datrium DR solution, this time about how humans cause a lot of outages!  No surprise with me on that.

The Journey to Implementing IT Automation
A nice story about getting started with automation.  And do I ever agree with the point about how automation is the easy part, redoing or improving processes to take advantage of automation is the hard part.

Introducing the NEW Veeam Universal License!
Yes, they did this already, but they are now improving it and that is what this article is about.  Plus they have a nice discount too if you need more licenses or an upgrade to Enterprise Plus.

Backup Infrastructure at your fingertips with Heatmaps
Rick shows you some cool stuff in this article.  Very handy info to help you with your backups.

First Look: Veeam Plug-in for vCD
In this article you can learn more about the new plug-in for Veeam and vCD which is pretty useful as it empowers end users to help themselves.

Can Pure make cloud storage better?
Cody has an interesting article.  Some great observations about Cloud too that really mirror my own observations.  An interesting read!

Confirmed: Windows 10 Setup Now Prevents Local Account Creation
I found this article to be interesting.  I think Microsoft is doing this to get more control over users, or maybe learning about usage somehow.

6 Things I’ve Learned about Azure Storage
Rick has an article on this subject and the things he learned are not really what I expected.  It is interesting how cloud changes storage.

Interesting DevOps Conference
When I listen to people – usually marketing people, or sometimes senior management, talk about DevOps I usually get confused. It just doesn’t seem to me that it connects with real IT life.  But, thanks to Frank, I got this article and it makes perfect sense to me.

Masad Stealer: Exfiltrating using Telegram
Interesting threat briefing about some nasty stuff.

21 Hidden iOS 13 Features You’ll Want to Try
This article has some good ideas and reminders from the new stuff of iOS 13. As I have said before, there is really a lot of new stuff in iOS and iPadOS 13.

Four More Apple Updates Drop: iOS 13.1.2, iPad 13.1.2, watchOS 6.0.1 and watchOS 5.3.2
Yes, you can make fun lately of the Apple updates, but at the same time, they are important and are fixing real issues. Find out more in this article but I hope you have already updated.

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