Newsletter: September 28, 2019

Hello all,

An interesting and fun week at home, and in the lab.  But next week I am back out traveling and so that will be fun too.

iPadOS 13.1 dropped recently (article) and so did iOS 13.1 (article) and both are good upgrades! I have a few other articles on the way but need some time to finish them. BTW, Friday 13.1.1 came out and it has some important security fixes so upgrade!

But I do have some good stuff to share, so lets get started.

BTW, there is more articles than normal on iOS / iPadOS 13 / 13.1 as I think there is a lot more substance to those releases that require a little help.

I will be at the Dallas VMUG on the 4th of October.  I hope to chat with any of you at that event.  I will be speaking about how you can build an amazing private cloud. Here is more info on the event.

Have a great week!


Converging a vCenter, Deploying new vCenter to existing domain, or doing Cross Domain, fails
You can find out more about this issue in this KB Article.  I believe that this issue has been seen in the wild so that is why I am sharing. Thanks to David for sharing with me.

Troubleshooting vMotion
This is a very interesting article on troubleshooting vMotion. Which, normally doesn’t need troubleshooting but when it does it is complicated.  So this is a great article!

VMware Cloud on AWS - SDDC Version 1.8v2 now GA
You can see the release notes for more info on this new release in VMC.  I do like how frequent these update release.

I discovered .PNG files in my datastore, can I delete them?
Duncan answers the question in this article and provides some background.  I do suggest that you don’t delete them if you have had some unexplained VM reboots as they may be a clue in the screenshot.

Log Insight - Configuring Webhooks
This article will help you be able to call vRO workflows for specific events that happen in Log Insight.  Very cool stuff.

What’s New with Workspace ONE Secure Productivity Apps
This article details some of the new capabilities of ONE and there is some good stuff!

Apple Pushes for Greater Privacy with User Enrollment
This article talks about some new functionality in ONE that I think will be much appreciated by end users.  I know I would much appreciate it.

Workplace ONE Advanced Remote Management is now Workplace ONE Assist with extended Support for Win10 and BYO
This article talks about some interesting and useful new functionality in ONE.  Remote assistance is always useful in helping end users.

How to use Workplace ONE Notifications and Mobile Flows in Intelligent Hub to Drive Corporate Communications
This article will help you with notifications as part of ONE.  Looks interesting. ONE has come a long way!

Configuring Duo Security MFA for Horizon Unified Access Gateway
Sean has an excellent article on how to make the Duo MFA work with Horizon.  It is a somewhat complex area and Sean does a great job making it easier to follow.  I may have have to add Duo to my lab!

NSX-T Data Center and EUC Design Guide Release
This article talks about the new design guide for working with NSX-T and Horizon.  Good info to help you get going with that - as I think NSX is somewhat complicated.

Four Features of VMware Tanzu Mission Control that Kubernetes Architects are Most Excited about
VMware is really going all in on K8’s and this article is about some things that I have heard customers asking about.

A vRealize Operations Super Metric for VM NUMA Optimization
This article will help you make sure your VMs are NUMA optimized and that is pretty handy, especially when it is doing that at the same time as all the other things that vROps can do.

Quickfix - OS Not found deploying windows template with Terraform
Anthony has an article about an interesting problem he had deploying a new VM from template using Terrfrom.  I like he also has the fix in the article!

PowerShell: BgInfo Automation script for Windows Server 2012 R2
This article is about how someone used a PowerShell script to install / configure BgInfo.  I love BgInfo and have it on all my VMs. But I do it manual by copying the config file.

Obtain VMware VM IOPS Statistics from PowerCLI
This article will help you determine the IOPS used by VMs using PowerCLI.  Pretty handy in fact.

The biggest announcements from Amazon’s fall 2019 hardware event
This article will bring you up to date on what Amazon is releasing after their recent event. Some cool stuff if you are in the Alexa camp.

Simplify Data Management Across Public or Private Clouds with NetApp Cloud Volumes
This article will help you learn about some interesting tech that NetApp has.

How to Protect Mission-Critical Oracle Databases with Rubrik
An interesting article in that it explains how they backup - in fact how they find, Oracle to back it up.

Dell EMC SC storage plug-in now available
Michael talks about a new storage plug-in for Veeam - in this case the first plug-in that EMC has written.

Project “VeeamPorter” - Import / Export Jobs Across servers
This article talks about a project that will allow you to export jobs from a VBR server and import them in another VBR server.  Handy and certainly something I have heard customers ask for.

VMworld EMEA 2019 - Parties, Gatherings, Events, and more
You can see a nice list of events that Fred keeps track of in this article.

My recommended sessions for VMworld Europe 2019
Duncan has some amazing suggestions for sessions in this article.  Definitely education can be found in these sessions!

How accurate is the Apple Watch noise level detection for hearing health?
I was playing with this new feature for sound levels and I was curious just how accurate it is.  And it turns out to be quite accurate.  Here is an article about someone that tested it.

iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro: Everything you need to know
I have an iPhone 11 and I love it.  Very impressed and happy.  You can learn more about the iPhone 11 in this article. I am very impressed with the speed of operation on it, and the battery life.  The cameras are amazing too!

Apple Issues Warning for Millions of iPad, iPhone Users
This article talks about a new security warning from Apple.  It is about third-party keyboards and an exploit.  I will keep my phone away from third-party keyboards until it is fixed.  I have an Apple keyboard so that is good.

Features Added in iOS 13.1: Personal automations, Driving ETA, and more
This article is a good reminder about what is new in 13.1 which is good to see since you may not know about these. So good stuff!

Apple iPadOS: 1st Release Out Now with Awesome New Features
Another article that talks specifically about iPadOS which is good as it is a little different and will likely get more different over time.  And some of the new features are good to be reminded about.

Apple Releases new how-to video series highlighting iPadOS features
If you learn better from video this article has you covered for the new iPadOS features. Some of the big key new features, that are a little not intuitive are covered in the videos.

Here are all the best features that just came to the iPhone
In this article there is a video that tries to show off all the new features of iOS 13.

Here’s why so many apps are asking to use Bluetooth on iOS 13
This is good to know as you will likely be prompted about this a bit!

How to Share audio to Multiple AirPods from iPhone
This new feature is pretty handy when you are on a plane or bus and want to watch the same movie or TV show. Find out more on how to do this in this article.

US Military Issues Warning to Troops about Incel Violence at Joke Screenings
This article has it right.  I always try and have two exits, but also run, hide, fight is also correct.  If more people thought like that, it may make some of these horrible events shorter.

Don’t use debit cards if you can
This article talks about not using debit cards, but I believe that credit cards have better protection legally, and if you pay them off they are often cheaper too. So that is why I don’t use debit if I can avoid it. Actually, I try and use Apple Pay everywhere. But check out the article.

Raising Prices is Hard
This article from BackBlaze is about them raising their prices.  I love their product and use it with three Mac’s in the house.

Clear Air Turbulence
I always wear seat belts in airplanes and sometimes people ask me why.  I thought I would answer that here.  As a kid we hit clear air turbulence over the Atlantic and people went flying.  But not our family as my Dad being an Air Force guy said we always wear seat belts. Clear air turbulence is still not something airplane radar can spot.  Here is an article where an Air Canada flight hit some recently and 37 people were injured. So wear the seat belts all the time when you are sitting down, and you will be better off.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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