Newsletter: September 21, 2019


Another week at home is always good, and lots of learning too. I have next week to get good on a presentation that is highly complex, and that I did not create, before I head out to the Dallas VMUG.  It will be good to get out in front of a crowd again and talk about interesting stuff.

I got a new iPhone on Friday and wow is it every nice.  I got the iPhone 11 and it is a big deal.  I wrote about moving to it. I also upgraded my old phone to iOS 13 and it has been good too.  I have no bugs to report. But others certainly are complaining but without much details.  Tuesday we will have 13.1 one that should make people feel better, and that is when we get iPadOS 13 too. As well, I had a guest author article as well that I thought interesting.

Don’t forget the vForum Online is almost upon us, and it should be pretty interesting.  Find out more about it and sign up in this article.

But, I do have things to share, so lets get started.

Have a great week!


Oracle Cloud VMware Solution - A new beginning of a strategic relationship
This is a very big deal, and a very long time coming, but it is good that VMware customers running Oracle will get much easier access to support now.  A few times in my VMware career I was caught up in VMware customers needing support from Oracle and it was unpleasant for sure.

Are you using the DellEMC ESXi image on your hosts?
If you are and you are at 6.7 U2 or U3 there is an incompatibility between the OMSA and vSphere.  More info can be found in this KB article. This issue has been seen in the wild - several times I know of.

VMworld Reveals: VMware Cloud Foundation (#HBI1432BUR)
Duncan talks about one of the sessions at VMworld that sounds pretty good.  I like the idea of VMware Cloud Foundation, and it sounds like it is going to grow in some interesting directions.

How to tune vMotion for Lower Migration Times?
An excellent article full of technical info and well written too.  If you have 10 GB or better networking in use for vMotion you should read the article.  Actually, read it anyway if you want to learn more about vMotion.

vSphere VM Encryption White Paper now available
This interesting WP is not a how to doc but rather an education one. Mike has done a great job on it.  Will be handy when you are trying to get VM encryption into your datacenter but want to educate people a bit first.

Can you move a vSAN Stretched Cluster to a different vCenter Server?
When I saw this article I was not sure if you could or not.  But thanks to Duncan I know it is possible and there is even a KB article with detailed steps.

What’s New in Horizon 7.10, Horizon Client 5.2, Dynamic Environment Manager 9.9 and App Volumes 2.18
This article will help you learn all about what is new in a variety of tools. I like the sound of Horizon 7.10 and cannot wait to update. Here is the Horizon 7 release notes. Here is the App Volumes release notes.

Horizon 7 Administration Console Changes
Sean talks about some of the cool changes for the HTML5 console in Horizon. Good stuff!

Deploy Cloud Agnostic Applications with VMware vRealize Automation Cloud
This big article is an interesting read.  It is about using the new vRA to deploy an app and it has a lot of good info.  Would love to play with this! This is not vRA of the past but new and different.

Security Issue with VMware Tools: VMSA-2019-0009
An article that reminds us of how important it is to keep our VMware Tools current.  There are both operational and security reasons to keep them current.  Current as of the host version is what I work with.   I was stung once when I upgraded VMware Tools from outside of ESXi and I caused some issues for other VMware software. Just remember that if you use Tools from outside ESXi you need to remember that and sometimes will need to check HCL on them. I love how the author of the article included PowerCLI as it made it quick to see my situation.

vCloud Director 10.0 for Service Providers now GA
A few days ago vCD 10.0 dropped and it seems like a lot of depreciated stuff.  When I see accelerated depreciation I definitely pay attention! Learn more about this in the release notes.  But, if you want to learn about what is new you will need to visit this white paper.

Assigning vSphere Tags with Terraform for policy based backups
Anthony has an interesting article on using tags via Terraform to help with backups when VMs are in a state of flux.  Very interesting.

1Password 7.4 on iOS 13: Dark mode, documents and voice control
In this article you can learn more about 1Pasword 7.4 on iOS and it is the password management tool I strongly recommend to all. It is very nice to see it supports voice control as I think that will help many out.

Windows Admin Center Preview 1909
You can learn about this admin tool update in this article.

Wi-Fi6: What’s Different, and Why it matters
In this article you can learn more about the next generation of WiFi and it has some good things about it! I can confirm that iPhone 11 do have the support already.

Open source breach and attack simulation tool Infection Monkey gets new features
You can learn about the new features in Infection Monkey - great name right? - but it is a useful tool.

Hackers are exploiting a platform-agnostic flaw to track mobile phone locations
This is an odd story and I hope to learn more about it over time.  Seems definitely incomplete.

Apple iPhone 11 Buyers Warned as Security Exploit is confirmed
You can learn more about the exploit in this article.  I thought carefully about this exploit and realized that it should not slow my update plans.  I don’t leave my phone around unattended, so the likelihood of this exploit for me is low.  And 4 or 5 days after I upgrade the fix - in the form of 13.1 should GA.

iPhone 11 Pro Camera Review: China
This article is a very good review of the iPhone 11 Pro camera and has great pictures to boot.  The author is a pro so he always does great reviews like this.

The U1 chip in the iPhone 11 is the beginning of an Ultra Wideband revolution
This article talks about how important the new U1 chip is in the iPhone 11.  I suspect that it will be a key part of the Apple tile when / if it ships. This is what I like about iPhones, I buy them for what they do today and do very well, but it is exciting to know that there is things for the future too.

Brief thoughts and observations on Yesterday’s Apple Event, Roughly, if not in fact Exactly, in the order they were announced
This article does a nice write up of the Apple event with some good comments as well.

The US Navy says those UFO videos are real
However they are not saying alien, or off world, but simple unidentified. But still interesting since the aerodynamic profile of them is outside of our technology capability at this time.

Machine Identification Code
I heard about this once from a cop and once in a movie.  But did not know too much about it.  But thanks to Anton, and his newsletter, I found this article that has lots of info.

Day Hikers are the most vulnerable in survival situations. Here’s why
This article is right on.  And sometimes people wonder why my wife’s and my day packs are bigger than most. We are not the most vulnerable. Maybe a day hiker or two will read the article and learn from it.

What can your IT department look at on your managed Apple devices?
Someone was wondering about this, and I found this article which answers most questions.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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