Newsletter: September 14, 2019

Hello all,

Another enjoyable week in HQ but definitely glad to head home.  Which I have started as I am sitting in the Denver airport as I start this. This week we had the Build Day Live which was pretty interesting.  You can find all the video from it here. You will not see me in it, as I am still learning about the NetApp HCI, but hopefully next time you will as I do like NetApp HCI a lot and look forward to sharing more about it. In my past, when I was a professional services guy, the NetApp HCI gear would have been an amazing solution for a number of my customers.  They would have loved it!

I will share more about the Apple Event below but I was happy with it. Happy enough to buy a new watch, and a new iPhone. Excited to get them but I think at the end of next week I will have the iPhone.

But I do have a bit to share so lets get started.

Have a great week,


vSAN 6.7 U3 New Advanced Options
Cormac has an article that talks of two new advanced options - and they are interesting but also interesting is that they are done at the cluster level, I hope we have that option for other things over time - like NTP and syslog for example.

Jumpstart your vSphere Upgrade with the vSphere Assessment Tool!
This article talks about some technology that appears to be available for everyone.  A tool that can be used to analyze your infrastructure and make comments about it.  Such as for when you are going to do an upgrade.

Excessive Hardware health alarms being triggered for “sensor -1 type” on ESXi hosts running vSphere 6.7 U3
This KB article is about something that has been seen in the wild. It is not much of a workaround so I am glad I do not see this issue.

Project Pacific - Workload Evolution in vSphere
William does a great job of talking about Project Pacific. Nice job William!  I am excited about Project Pacific.

Leveraging vSphere Content Library for template version control
In this video you can get a good look at the basic Content Library stuff.  I do love the Content Library functionality. You may have to log in with our My VMware to see this video.

Enable Multi-Factor Authentication for VMware Horizon UAG With Thales / Gemalto Safenet
Nice article on how you can add MFA to your external View access which is a good thing to do sometimes.

VMworld 2019: Security and Analytics Updates for the Digital Workspace
Some interesting stuff for Workspace ONE.  I like the security side of it which is interesting.

Thousands of Linux Servers Infected by Lilu (Lilocked) Ransomware
Another story of ransomware but this time Linux software is attacked.  Learn more in this article. It was interesting to see that it doesn’t impact system files but only a subset based on file extension.

Are Snapshots Backups? A Discussion of Veeam’s Backup From Storage Snapshot Technology
This very interesting and well done article explains very nicely the ability of Veeam to backup from storage snapshots which is handy indeed.

A first look at Octant - Visualizing your K8s clusters
Cormac has an interesting article about how you can visualize your K8’s clusters which is harder than I expected.

Visual Studio for Mac: New Editor
You can see a video about the new editor for the Mac that will be quite useful for Powershell on the Mac.

Remove the new add in Powershell 5.1 on Windows 10
This article will allow you to remove the add from PowerShell.  Seems like a nice idea.

Highly Available Kubernetes Clusters on AWS with Cluster API
Scott has an interesting article on doing K8s clusters so if you want to learn it is a great start.

Educating managers on K8s
This was shared with me about educating managers about Kubernetes but then I noticed it was for children. It is nicely done though.

Why do airplanes fly at 36,000 feet?
This article answers that question and there is more than a few reasons. I must admit I was curious.

How to permanently Uninstall Microsoft Teams on Windows 10
If you need to know how to get rid of Teams on Win10 this article will help.  I like Teams, it seems to be pretty good - not as good as Slack mind you, but still good.

Apple Event
You can catch the event via this link. I enjoyed it.  I particularly like the new camera aspects of the iPhone 11, especially the ability to take pictures in low light situations, and how you can see if you should do wide or not. The new watch is pretty cool - the always on will be helpful in fact to me.  Here is an article on first impressions - with hands on experience of the iPhone 11 Pro. I went with the 11, and not the Pro but I do like how the Pro has a telephoto lens. Here is an article on the newly updated watch. Here is an article on the Apple Arcade and Apple TV +.  Impressed that they will have so many games at launch - and more surprised at the price! Here is an article on all three new phones. This article has info on the event but other things too. If you are curious on the release info (that wasn’t mentioned in the event) for the iOS, iPadOS and macOS updates you can find out more on that in this article. Here is an article on the new iPad.  I like the slightly larger screen, and better processor, at the same price as the old one! Here is an article about the 10 new feature in iOS to get most excited about.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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