Newsletter: September 6, 2019

Hello all,

I hope that everyone has had a great week.  I had a pretty good one myself. A week at HQ and on Friday I got to build out one of our infrastructures that are on wheels (to help with POC’s). It was a lot of fun, and the best part was how cool it was when it was finished.

We are doing a Live Stream build out of our gear. I do not have a link for that but will share it when I can.  It will be pretty interesting as our HCI gear is damn cool and quite different too.

Lots to share so lets get started.

Have a great week,


Skyline and basic support
I had a talk with the Skyline people at VMworld, and they confirmed some bad news.  They will never support basic support agreements with Skyline. However, they are going to add more health type stuff into vSphere and that will be helpful and not quite make up for no Skyline, but it will empower people and in a good way.

VMware HCX new release
You can find out more in the release notes. The pace they have for new releases on this product is pretty nice!

vCloud Director for service providers now GA
You can find all about this new version in the release notes. I am very happy vCD still lives.

Monitoring Automatic VMFS-6  UNMAP in ESXi
Cody has the breakdown if you want to investigate UNMAP happening in your array.  Good info!

VMware Ports and Protocols
Have you seen the new web site that shows ports and protocols? One place to find all the info, and they will continue to add products to it. It has a pretty good start though.

Want to learn more about vVols?
You should if your array can do vVols as they are pretty darn useful.  Start your learning here.

Virtual Machine hardware versions
People were wondering VM hardware versions lately so I shared this article.   Maybe it will help someone else.

Is VMware  Project Pacific ‘Kubernetes done right for the enterprise’
An interesting article on Project Pacific.  A good balanced article, and I mostly agree with it.  I think it will be quite useful and handy.  I look forward to playing with it. I like how things like DRS, vMotion, and SvMotion will help in K8’s space.

Introducing Project Magna - AI and ML for vSphere self-driving operations
Cormac dives deep into this interesting project at VMware. It sounds very cool, and it could help improve things for customers.  I suspect it will take a while and a few releases but it sounds like a good goal.

VMware EUC Computing with NetApp HCI and NVIDA GPUs
In this technical report you can learn about implementing View with NVIDA.  This is something I have played with and we demo’ed at VMworld and it is pretty darn cool.  Not all users need NVIDA but those that do will really appreciate how well it works.

How to create a vRealize Log Insight Content Pack
This title fooled me, as it is not about creating the objects or panels of a content pack, but rather once you are done with all your searches and panels, and want to export them.  So it is a good reminder about export and import.

VMworld Reveals: VMware Cluster memory (OCTO2746BU)
Duncan talks about a session that I missed but sounds very cool. Cluster memory makes so much sense to me and I see it being very useful for customers.

VMworld 2019 Review - Project Pacific is a stroke of Kubernetes Genius … but not without a catch
Anthony reviews Project Pacific in this article and does a good job. Like him I think it is pretty cool stuff, and I suspect it will have an interesting footprint and be popular. So I am not sure about the catch.  But we will see.

VMworld - sessions and PDF
If you want to get easy access to sessions you can check out Williams article.  But if you want tor access check out this article. If you just want to look at one session check out this link.

At your fingertips
Luc has an article that can really change your prompt and work environment in PowerShell. I will be using it in my lab.  Can’t wait to make it work. I saw it in the VMworld session and I was waiting to see if they would share out a PDF of the session so I could copy and paste but they never did - even now when many sessions have a PDF theirs doesn’t.  So it is very good that Luc has shared it out.

Google is a bald face IoT Liar and its Nest Pants are on  fire
This article is quite a story that is a real possibility in the IoT space and one to avoid. When you automate your home, it is important to have very good security and don’t forget to change the passwords of your IoT things.

iLand Catalyst to ease cloud migration
iLand is a very smart service provider.  I have worked with them a number of times and always really enjoyed it.  Smart people who also know to do the right things that customers need.  They have an updated tool that will be very useful for people thinking of moving to the cloud, or curious how things went after the move to the cloud.

Micro-Segmentation: What,why, how?
I learned about micro-segmentation from co-workers at VMware.  I was very lucky to work with some very smart people.   I don’t know a lot but it is very cool stuff.  If you want to learn more you can start with this article.  It links to some additional very cool learning.

The history of how school buses become yellow
If you are curious why school buses are yellow this article will answer the question.  I was curious too.

How long should my password be?
This most excellent article is very educational about passwords.  This kind of article is one of the many reasons why I believe 1Password is the best choice out there to help with passwords.

Take Control - mac OS Catalina and iOS 13
You can see the books on the yet to be released Catalina and iOS 13.  I have for the last few months been using the developer beta of both.  I am surprised at how much new there is in both of these OS updates. So these books will be quite useful!

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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