Newsletter: August 31, 2019

Hello all,

As it seems to be quite common, I am on the road and starting this newsletter a little early.  I am at VMworld, and have had a great time.  I met some very interesting new people, and caught up with very interesting old friends, and I attended some great sessions. It is not over yet, as there is an interesting sounding panel on vVols that I am quite interested in - update - it was very interesting indeed!

I also was lucky enough to be involved with customers in some company meetings and that was really exciting too.

I have next week in the company lab, working on hardware and software and I am very excited for that.  It will be a lot of fun but more important a lot of learning.

I have some articles planned as part of that learning with the goal of helping people understand the value of HCI.

There was some updates to Apple devices - very small update but important.  If you have an iPhone or iPad make sure you have updated to 12.4.1 as it solves a potential security issue that is significant.

I am not sure if I will get it into this newsletter, or if I will do a dedicated one but I want to share some fascinating VMworld sessions with you.

Have a great week,


Project Pacific
I attended Kit’s session on this and I was pretty interested it it.  They are embedding Kubernetes in vSphere.  It sounds very interesting and useful actually.  Read the announcement blog by Kit, a technical overview blog, and an interesting article by Frank. This is very big stuff and I think it will be very useful.  I love how it will not impact how dev guys work.  Their scripts will still work the same!

#HCI1207BU HCI Management: Current and Future
Duncan has a nice write-up on this session and it is interesting stuff.  I really understand some of their thinking and it is pretty darn good for customers!

vSphere 6.7 U3 Supports AMD EPYC Generation 2 Processors, VMmark showcases its leadership position
You can learn about the performance for these new processors in this article and its links.

VMworld 2019: Horizon Streamlines Manageability in a hybrid and multi-cloud world
Some interesting changes are coming to Horizon View, you can learn more and maybe do beta from this article.

NetApp HCI for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure with Horizon 7
You can find the deep technical report on this subject here. I saw some great demos recently when the NVIDIA card was in the hosts and it supported amazing medical images begin displayed in great detail.  Very cool stuff.

vRrealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 8.0 - What’s New
While one thing that is new is they skipped a few versions!  But read about the new, and improvements in v8. Interesting that with v8 of vRA that you will need Lifecycle Manger to install it!

vRealize Operations Manger v8 - What’s New
This article has a nice breakdown on what is new - and announced - for vROps v8. The option for a monthly fee and SaaS is interesting.  Glad the on-prem version is not going away. I think it is really upping the game in capacity planning.

NSX-T 2.5 - A new marker on the innovation timeline
This article talks about what is new in NSX-T 2.5.  It sounds interesting, and in particular the NSX Intelligence functionality sounds really cool.

What’s New with VMware Cloud Director v10
This article, and this article talk about the announced v10 of vCD and it sounds like quite a release!

VMworld Video
You can visit this URL to see the sessions from VMworld 2019 US.  It is pretty handy actually but you do need an account for it to work for all the sessions. So far there is no PDF for any sessions I looked at.  I am worried they may not do that but I really want the one from the PowerCLI deep dive as there was some cool code I would like to copy and paste! Here is a link to the general sessions.  The other URL works for them too but just in case I am sharing both links.  BTW, here is Williams article with all the playback and download URLs.

Announcing VMware Tanzu and Project Pacific
Cormac breaks things down and talks about both of these and it is interesting stuff.

Kubernetes Academy
This sounds very good if you want to learn more about Kubernetes.  I would if I was not scrambling to learn more in this new job.

Flash drives with Fake Capacity
Interesting article about fake capacity in drives and what that means.

Apple Issues Emergency Updates for all Its Operating Systems
This emergency update is in fact important.  You should update your Apple devices soonest.

I survived the Warsaw Ghetto. Here are the lessons I would like to pass on.
This is a very interesting and important article.  I see what he is talking about in much of the modern world.  I do agree that those that don’t remember history are doomed to repeat it.  I see that happening.

Thanks for reading, or skimming this far,


=== END ===

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