Patching vRealize Lifecycle Manager v2.1

So we have our vRLCM installed and it is time to patch.  Hre is our series on the subject:

  • Installing vRealize Lifecycle Manager - find it here
  • Patching vRealize Lifecycle Manager - this article
  • Configuring vRealize Lifecycle Manger - find it here - cancelled
  • Deploying with vRealize Lifecycle Manager - find it here - cancelled

Lets get started.

  • Once we deal with the password change, we get a welcome prompt was an offer of a tour.

  • That is a nice offer of a tour, but we are going to deal with patching.
  • Close the tour using the small x.
  • Now use the small gear on the left and select System Administration.

  • There is lots of interesting stuff on this page, but nothing we need right now!
  • Now change to the Update tab, which you can see in the screenshot above.

  • So use the install patch button.

  • I use the Check Patches Online button. It takes a few minutes. Then I see the following.

  • We see two patches, but note they use the word Cumulative in the description?  That means we only need to do the latest one - Patch 2.
  • Before we can do Patch 2, we need to hit the arrow we see on the right of the Patch lines. That downloads the patch for us.

  • We can see above it is being downloaded. Once it is done the display changes.

  • We could delete the patch now, or we could select Next to review and install.  Lets do that.

  • So good info here how the app will not be available as we patch it, and a link to more info on the patch.
  • Lets hit the Install button to get the patch install.

  • I select the Done button in the bottom right of the wizard.
  • Then I see the screenshot below.

  • Now we need to wait for it to finish.  We will be redirected once it is one.
  • It takes about 10 minutes, and I hit the Back Home button.
  • I change to Settings \ System Administration \ Updates to see what the new version is.

  • BTW, the View More Details link lets you know when the patch was applied, and details about it.
  • We can see the Appliance version is now with Patch 2.


  • At VMworld I saw they announced v8 of this tool.  And it looks different too.  Since I don’t think it is that far off I will not finish this article series.

So we have now patched our appliance and can move pat that!


=== END ===

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