Newsletter: August 10, 2019

Hello all,

A week unemployed is pretty nice - I got a lot of things done.  I start my new job Monday morning and I am quite looking forward to it. Thank you to everyone who has wished me well - much appreciated.

I had an article this week that was done by a guest author.  It was sort of odd, as they reached out to me, rather than me out to them. But I enjoyed the article so I thought others might and I agreed. One of my readers - Cody, reached out to me to mention that sharing public EBS snapshots is not entirely what you think.  He shared this article to learn more about it.  Thanks Cody as that was a great share and very good info to know.

But, as you might expect, I have lots to share, and I need to prep for travel too, so lets get started!

Have a great week!


VMworld 2019
This article has a quick reference to VMworld sessions that might be useful if you are still planing your sessions to attend.

Conference Packing - the Little Things
Some good ideas on little things to bring to VMworld in this article. I certainly agree on the power, I bring extra myself.

Why we renamed VMware Identity Manager to Workspace ONE Access
I appreciate that an article was written explaining why the name change occurred and now I understand and completely agree with the name change.

How to convince your users that VDI is good for them
I think it is easy to convince management that VDI is a good decision, but end users need convincing too - to help make the project move along better.  So in this article there are some very good tidbits that will help convince end users that they want VDI.

10 Things to know about vSphere Certificate Management
This article is a couple of months old, but I referred to it recently and still found it quite interesting so I thought I would share it again.

Test Drive vSphere Platinum!
I saw this article about how you can now do a test drive of vSphere Platinum.  I was not able to make it work - probably since I just created my account. And yes, I did follow the instructions.  I will try again later today and if it still doesn’t work will reach out for help from the Test Drive support.  I wish I could run vSphere Platinum in my lab.  It is a great way to make things more secure and safe.

VMware from A to Z
Melissa has an interesting article that will connect you with a lot of VMware stuff - from A to Z!

VCPP Program News: vSAN becomes more affordable for Cloud Providers
I saw in this article a 50% discount for vSAN for Cloud Providers and I must say I am surprised they did not already have that discount, so I am glad they do now.

HCX R124 - Released August 7, 2019
This is a big release, as I see they have an Enterprise version that will be quite helpful to people I think. See this article to learn more about HCX Enterprise and what it means for enterprises.  Good info!

Offline vRealize Lifecycle Manager deployment in VCF
This article will help you understand how you can use the offline bundle transfer utility to prepare your LIfecycle Manager for offline use.  Quite handy info actually.

Advanced VMware vSphere Template Orchestration
This very interesting article is about some very advanced automation / orchestration of your VMware template creation / updates. I create and update my templates manually and quite enjoy it but this article has me thinking.

VMware has announced their intent to purchase this company and so I was curious.  In this article you can learn more about bitnami and why VMware is buying them.

vCloud Director - Storage IOPS Management
You can learn more about this very useful feature that is also a little confusing too in this very good article.

vCloud Director Object Storage Extension - Deep Look
In this article you can learn about some very interesting vCD stuff - and it is a deep learning article too!

PowerShell to Python
This book about Python for PowerShell people is recommended by Kyle Ruddy. That makes it a great suggestion if you want to learn Python.

A history of Amazon Web Services (AWS)
You can see in this article the name of the different services, and some info about them, and you can click on them to get more info.

Creating Isolate Networks with Ubiquiti UniFi
Christian has an interesting article about how you can have an isolated network that means the users on that network cannot access your lab or home, but they can still get to the Internet.  Pretty handy I think.

Ubiquiti USG Remote User VPN Using L2TP
I used this article to get my VPN working with my USG.  This is not my primary means to access my lab remotely - that is Horizon View, but it is a very good backup plan! Much appreciate the article and help Christian - thanks!

Setting up Velero 1.0.0 to backup K8S on vSphere / PKS
Cormac has a nice article on how to backup your K8S using Velero.  And it is an important article as there are a few steps!

I work for VMware, but I love Citrix!
Interesting article that talks of why Brian Madden was able to move to VMware.  I must admit I was curious myself when I heard. He brings up some good points in this article too.

VMware Center for Advanced Learning Advanced Architecture Course
So someone that attended this course wrote about it in this article. It sounds very fun, and also very hard.  But a good kind of hard that makes you think, and learn.

Migrating ADFS frm 2012 R2 (3.0 v) to 2016 (4.0 v.)
This article is quite useful to help migrate your ADFS from old to new. This is not something that I have none much of so the info is useful.

The Scarcity Mindset is Sabotaging  your IT Career
This odd, and interesting article has some very good points.  I know people, or used to, that are described in this article as people that don’t share as they think they will lose their advantage by doing it. I also know people that share really easily. I do try hard to share, and empower wherever I can.

Monitoring Veeam Backup & Replication with Splunk
You can learn how to get Splunk working, and use it to monitor VBR using these articles - part 1, part 2 and part 3.  Good info!

Backup physical Windows computers
You can get a start doing a Veeam Agent backup of a physical Windows machine with this article. I quite like the recovery media.  Good tool for your tool kit as it can boot a machine and do stuff without having to load the machine OS.

What is a computer virus?
This article talks about what is a computer virus and why we do not worry about them now as much as we did in the past.  Times have changed, and has your malware defense changed?  Mine has.

Security bugs in popular Cisco switch brand allow hackers to take over devices
These small business routers are very popular so it is good to share this article about the security issues in them.

Testing Kubernetes Network Policy Enforcement with Sonobuoy
This article will help you with testing your policies in your Kubernetes pods and of course that is a darn good idea!

New version of Kubernetes - to help with security issues!
You can read more about this new release and what security issues it addresses in this article.

Kubernetes at VMworld 2019
Here is an article that gives you some ideas of K8S learning at VMworld. Looks like some good learning!

A NVMe Bibliography
This article is quite interesting as it is a source of NVMe learning.  Definitions, articles, whitepapers, and more.  Great info and learning present!

Backblaze Hard Drive Stats Q2 2019
I use Backblaze in my home and really like it and the company too.  So I follow the blog and like the Hard Drive stats article and in fact have used it to make decisions on disks to buy for my lab!

Apple Card
I am excited about the Apple Card slowly coming out to people.  It is not in Canada yet, but hopefully in a few months it will be.  I like this card and want one.  I think it improves security and does so very smartly.  Here is an article about how to apply for the Apple Card. Here is another article about the card and someone’s experience with it. Here is another article about how the card will not export to Mint at the launch. Here is an article about if the card is worth getting or not.  I think that security if offers tips the scale a bit.

How iOS 12.4’s iPhone Migration Tool Works
This article will explain one of the 12.4 features that I know I was a little foggy on. It sounds pretty good and flexible too - cable or WiFi for example are supported. And it works the same as an iTunes encrypted backup so that means all the data goes across and not just some.

Free VPN App Investigation
This article suggests that most of the free VPN tools out there are owned by companies that are secretive and have hidden Chinese ownership. Even aside from Chinese ownership there is some good info found in their investigation.

How the shipping container created today’s global economy
Thanks to Frank, I learned about shipping containers and it was pretty interesting.  Thanks Frank!

Disk Wiping
This week I had to wipe 5 or 6 disks in a host.  I used the DBAN utility - which you could find here, however I could not use an ISO so I burned it to USB (used this) and boot the system with it, and used it in interactive mode.  Worked great.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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