Newsletter: August 3, 2019

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It was my last week at Veeam this past week.  So busy handing things off, and dealing with expenses and questions.  This weekend I am unemployed, which feels pretty good, but soon I will be part of the Product Management team at NetApp in the HCI group.  I will be doing Technical Marketing for them, as well as helping the PMs.  Very excited about this. And yes, that does mean I will be at VMworld too!

Busy week, so not much writing on my part but I do have some interesting articles to share.  What a surprise!

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My Horizon View 7.9 update
I upgraded recently from 7.8 to 7.9. This was my first update when I had the UAG.  Some things I noticed – I had to reboot my Connection server after the upgrade so I could connect with the admin UI, and my UAG somehow was deployed with DHCP instead of the IP address I assigned to it.  So that meant external access did not work until I gave it the proper IP address, which is done in the main UI under the Network option. It is all working good now so that is what counts. I did it manual, but I am told it is better to use PowerShell to do it but I had to know how it works manual first.

Unified Access Gateway 3.x Troubleshooting
This article might be useful if you need to troubleshoot your UAG.  Also, make sure your UAG is using the proper IP address as well.

Handling the Lifecycle of a vCenter HA Environment
David has a good article about the life cycle of your VCSA when in an HA config. It is a very good idea to use VC HA but it is confusing for some on how to do updates.  So David’s article is pretty good!

Demystifying IO Operation Readouts in ESXi
A nice explanation by Cody on some interesting issues that don’t come up too often but is good to know.

Apple Mac Mini on VMware HCL
Thanks I suspect to a lot of work by William we now have the Mac Mini on the VMware HCL which is very cool! More info here.

VM extremely slow after upgrade to macOS 10.14.6
This is very good info to know – the article covers off a potential issue when you upgrade your macOS to current and use Fusion. Potential issue and workaround too.

Operationalize Your World 7.5
You can learn a lot from this article about vROps and what you can do with it.  Very good info.

How to recovery deleted emails in Office 365
You can learn how to do this in this article.  Good info if you are a Veeam customer as it is something you should be ready to use. The Explorers that Veeam have are very powerful and handy!

Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5 Update 4b supports vSphere 6.5 U3
It is worth noting that VBR 9.5 U4b supports 6.5 U3 and the release notes have been updated with that info.

Pure Storage at VMworld 2019 US
I am a big fan of Cody and what he does, or what he makes sure happens, so the Pure sessions are always educational, and often not just about Pure.  So here is the info on VMworld with Pure.

8 Best Practices for Approaching Master Data Governance in the Cloud
Pretty fancy title, but this article has some good suggestions for helping you to be more successful with your data in the cloud!

Airtop3 – build to order
This is pretty interesting stuff, a lot of choices that are pretty nice, and no fans in the finished product.

Ensure Exam Security by Avoiding Brain Dump Sites
This article is about why brain dump sites are bad.  Which is correct! Plus I know of some vendors that make serious changes in their test based on what they see in dumps on the internet!

The Story Patching Tells
This article is about how patching is part of a security strategy.  Which I believe and is part of mine.

4 Ways to Ensure you do Incident Triage Right
An interesting article with very good advice and info on Incident Triage. At one customer I worked full time for a couple of years we had a lot of IT security incidents that I had to deal with.  I wish I had the help of this article and the people that wrote it!

Validating IP Address Entries in Excel
Just in case you keep track of IP addresses in Excel and want to validate them, this article will help with that.

Apple Maps in iOS 13: Sights Set on Google
I can actually agree with this article title, but what I like is that Apple is doing some of what Google has done but better – so easier and more full featured.

iPadOS 13
I have been using this beta for a while on an old iPad and I am very happy and impressed with it.  I am also happy to say it is in pretty darn good shape as well.  I like the changes, and additions, and I think it will help be do even more on the iPad. Here is some comments from another user on iPadOS 13.

macOS Catalina
I have been using this beta for a while on an old MacBook Air and I am very happy with it.  Horizon View has worked on different builds, and not worked on different builds and right now is not working.  But most of my apps have worked fine on it.  It has not crashed or been difficult to work with.  I do love how they have broken up iTunes as I find it logical and useful.  It is working good, and I like the changes and additions so it is definitely something to look forward too.

Is 5G Available in Canada?
I thought this was an interesting article, maybe even for people that are not in Canada. 5G is a big deal, and, so I hear, a big mess too.  But this article helps with some background info.

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  1. Congrats on the new position with NetApp, Michael! I’ve been following you for a little while now and I just wanted to jump in and say thank you for your blog and sharing your thoughts and experiences with us and congrats on the new adventure!

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