Newsletter: July 20, 2019

Hello all,

Today is sort of like long ago when I was at VMware.  I am writing this in a Courtyard Bistro. It is rather nice - but this time I am in Plano, TX rather than Palo Alto, CA.  But as you might expect, I do have things to share!

Do you have the impression that iTunes will delete watched movies and TV shows?  Based on the configuration setting in preferences I did.  But it turns out it does not delete watched shows until there is a serious disk space issue.

I had a tricky issue trying to get into my lab and so made a short article about it. To make things worse, I am having trouble today with the iSP.  Not much I can do about that though.

Have a great week,


VMware vCenter 6.7 Update 2c now GA
Here is the release notes, and while there is not much in this release there is some security updates for the OS of the appliance so it is worth doing the update! For what it is worth, I have updated two VCSA’s to this version with no issues.

How to prevent physical CD-ROM from ejecting after installing or updating ESXi?
William explains how you can prevent the CD-ROM tray from ejecting after install or upgrades and it involves KickStart.  Which is something I have not used much but should.

A practical look at VMC & AWS networking
I have heard from several people that this is interesting and useful stuff.  So if you want to learn more about AWS network and VMC this is the place to visit.

VMware Validated Design 5.1 Release Notes
I have talked with a fair number of people about this.  They may not need it to build out their infrastructure but it is very worth looking at to see how it was built as you can learn from that.  Their design and build is extremely well done and so that is good to learn from. Here is the latest release notes.

vSAN Support Insight
I have strongly urged customers to enable things like CEIP and I mention general things like how it will help VMware help you.  But you can learn a lot more, particularly around vSAN Support Insight in this URL.

What’s New in Horizon View 7.9 and Clients 5.1
In this article you can learn about what is new and there is definitely a few interesting new things. Glad things are moving along in the HTML5 admin UI.

How to Successfully log off users in Horizon
You can learn how to do this in this article.  It seems to pretty easy at the command line. I can see how useful this will be at times.

Display execution time in PowerShell prompt
This looks sort of cool and I could see it being useful sometimes - the execution time of the code that you just executed. Find out how in this article.

Application Security with mutual TLS (mTLS) via Istio
This interesting article will help you improve security between microservices but it is also a nice reminder on how TLS works.

5 ways to speed Windows 10 boot
In this article there are some suggestions on speeding up the Windows 10 boot.  Some better than others. I have only a virtual Windows 10 instance and it boots pretty fast so I have not tried out the suggestions.

Veeam and the art of the portable
In this article the Cloud Field Day presentation by Michael Cade is discussed.  It was interesting stuff for certain.

Restore Microsoft Teams data with Veeam for Microsoft Office 365
Falko does an excellent job explaining how to restore Microsoft Teams stored data.  It takes a few steps and the API is not all there yet to make everything possible, but you can get the data back.

Lost shipwreck. Successful projects.
Danny has an interesting article that has some very good advice.  Team means a great deal to me.  I learned about that when I was young in the backcountry, then in the Army, and again in professional services.  So I agree with his points, and I cannot wait to learn more about what they did.

We watched 906 foul balls to find out where the most dangerous ones land
I thought this article was quite interesting, where potentially the most dangerous foul balls might land, and how many people are hurt each year.

Apple’s latest MacBook Pro looks exactly the same from the outside, but the company made a bunch of changes on the inside that you should know about
This article was quite interesting when I found it, as I love the changes to the new MBP’s and think it has made them even nicer. Not only do I appreciate the faster processor, but the fact that the ports and sound port are not soldered to the motherboard which means if they break they can be much more easily replaced.  I really like how Touch ID is now on each model of MBP.

Apple is silently updating Mac’s again to remove insecure software from Zoom’s partner
I shared recently there was a serious vulnerability in Zoom that Zoom fixed fairly quick but Apple also fixed it.  While it is happening again due to the Zoom components that other software is using. All the details are in this article.

Why you should really, really update your Logitech wireless dongle
This serious vulnerability has been around a long time and is quite serious. Learn more in this article and if you have Logitech wireless dongles get them updated!

One Year In @ VMware - A Q&A with myself
Matt interviews himself about his role at VMware after 1 year of being part of the VMware Team.  I am happy he is doing well!

NASA, NOAA, and the Navy tell the FCC its 5G plan will harm weather forecasting
The FCC has said that NASA, NOAA and the Navy do not know what they are talking about.  Wow.  I cannot believe that the FCC would say that.  But see the whole story in this article.

iOS 13 vs. iOS 12: here is whats changed
I am running iPadOS 13 and like it, but I have not played with iOS 13 yet so it was interesting to see this article that compares them 12 and 13.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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