DataLab “X.Y.Z” not found on server “”

Hello all,

I had an error in my lab recently that was a little odd, and non-intuitive. So I thought it a good one to share.  I was doing a test failover of a restore plan - so backups were in use rather than the typical replicas.  I saw my VM restored, but than it was deleted a few moments later.  I looked more closely at the UI to see what the heck.  I saw this info:

The green arrow above shows the VM was restored - which means you could see it in the vSphere Web Client.  But the first red arrow, then the second, shows the issue, that the test failover could not find the DataLab.  I had done what is right for the replicas, I created the DataLab on the DR side of things.

The solution is simple.  Any DataLab’s you want to be used in a backup themed test failover, you need to create the DataLab in your production environment but host it on the hosts in the DR site.  Then this error will not occur!

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