Newsletter: June 1, 2019

Hello all,

I am sitting in smoke.  Yes, really.  Some big forest fires up north (and west to I hear) have sent their smoke south.  Not very pleasant so I ran indoors yesterday at the gym. That was a relief due to the A/C and the lack of smoke. On Friday it overwhelmed my wife’s workplace HVAC’s and much of the day she had watering eyes and a cough.

Here is a nice VeeamON recap by David Hill.  It was a pretty good VeeamON btw. I also did a small update on my Veeam Guest Processing article which is pretty useful. I also got Veeam PN v2 working in my lab for emergency Plan B access so I confirmed my article works with v2.

But things to share, and I know you need something good to read, so lets get started.

Have a great week,


New VMware vSAN 6.7 Specialist Exam
Jeff talks about a new test on vSAN that I think partners in particular should go after.  Jeff is one of my past co-workers and someone I like a lot.  A cool guy, and I still remember the first time I learned he was a DJ in his spare time.  That was a surprise!

Site locality in a vSAN Stretched Cluster
Duncan answers an interesting question and in good detail too.

vSphere VM Security Configuration with Ansible
This interesting article is translated by Chrome very nicely, but it also has an English and German buttons too. Interesting stuff for people that like and use Ansible.

How to Deploy vRA 7.6
This article has the full scoop on installing vRA 7.6.  He uses a nice method of managing screenshots which is cool. It is good to have all the info in one place.  (Yes, I did several articles on vRA 7.5 which are done a little different (install, configure, first blueprint) but I wish I had that cool tool for managing screenshots.  But, I guess maybe not, as it would making printing hard and I know readers print some of my stuff).

vSphere Storage for Kubernetes
This online knowledge was heavily updated recently but is a great learning tool! In addition Cormac has a great article I just found.

Architecting Microsoft SQL Server on VMware vSphere
This Best Practices Guide is pretty darn useful. Partners who do this sort of work will really appreciate it, but so will anyone installing SQL on vSphere.  You can install SQL on VMware with no help and it will work dandy.  But if you are going to have many DBA’s, many end users, and many databases, you should in fact built it appropriately and this guide will help.

Deploying a 2-Node vSAN Cluster On-Premises with the vSAN witness on VMC
This article provides a good example of an interesting use-case but also how to get it done. The big surprise was seeing my very good friend Vern’s name on it. Vern left Calgary a few years back and explored the world and ended up in the UK and working for VMware.

Understanding Horizon Connections
Good info that I used recently to help understand a problem I had.

Configuring OneDrive with VMware UEM - Machine based
This article will help you with getting OneDrive installed at the machine level rather than user.

Microsoft’s Windows 10 May 2019 Update is Now Available
I have heard that this article is very helpful and informative for this upgrade so hopefully it can help more of you.

Integrated RMAN Backup
This nice article explains a very interesting new feature - Oracle DBA’s can use RMAN on their own, but yet it ends up in the Veeam repo which is major cool and useful since it means all of the restore tools can work.

HP has a new VR backpack
WTF is what I thought when I saw this article.  A VR backpack? But, then again, it is sort of interesting.  Don’t think I have seen one of these. It is quite expensive, but also, I thought there was only HPE now?

Cloud Tier Deep Dive Super Session on Demand
Anthony did two technical sessions on Cloud Tier which provides for some great learning on a very cool new feature. Catch them in this article.

The 4 best password managers to secure your digital life
This article has some good recommendations for password managers.  Everyone should have a password manager, and use a different, complex, impossible to remember password for every online service. I use, and recommend, 1Password!

Point-Of-Sale malware found at 102 Checkers Restaurants
Too bad there is not more Apple Pay, and chipped cards with PIN in the US as both of those would have protected the users from the malware. But I bet a lot of credit card info were lifted as part of this amazing and large scam (and long term too). Find out more via this article.

26 Actually Useful Things you can do with Siri
This article will give you some nice ideas on working with Siri.  I have a HomePod in my office so I talk to it a lot and it amazes me what it can do.

Apple Patches ZombieLoad Vulnerabilities
This informative article talks about Apple’s fixes for the speculative execution vulnerabilities in Intel processors. It mentions that due to how the fix is done there is no performance impact due to it being a partial fix, but info is available for a complete fix but at a serious cost of performance.  But good info to know.

What does the T2 Chip Mean for Mac Usage
This article has some very good points about how important and useful the T2 chip is and in fact is one of the reasons that my wife and I use Mac’s.

Thanks for reading, or skimming this far,


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