Newsletter: May 18, 2019

Hello all,

This will be a fast newsletter.  I have a break from VeeamON activities, which are pretty interesting and fun, but time consuming.  This VeeamON I picked up a lot more things to do at the almost last minute.  Plus I cannot access my lab.  That is so frustrating and it is causing so much work and stress too. But lets get started. Once home that is going to be a important activity to fix, but also, have a good plan B.

BTW, would love to meet any of my readers that happen to be at VeeamON, so reach out via twitter or Slack or email.

I did an article about iOS 12.3.  But it surprised me as I lost some important functionality but I talked with Apple about it and they confirmed it was a bug, and a fix was being worked on. I also did an article about a cave that my wife and I stayed in recently.  It was amazing! I have also not so recently updated my Windows 2016 template article.

Have a great week!


Which vSphere CPU Scheduler to choose
Bob has an excellent article - really excellent in fact - about some of the processor security issues, and how vSphere is dealing with them, and how you have options now we did not have in the past.  Really good info!

Ping and vmkping - no longer two different commands in ESXi
I did not notice when these two commands become one.  However, since I did not notice I think it may not matter!

VMware vCenter Server 6.7 U2a now GA
You can learn more about this mostly security related update in the release notes. I have not done the update yet but make sure you read the release notes before you do!

I want vSphere HA to use a specific Management VMKernel interface
Duncan has an article that has some good info on HA and the network it uses.  I know several people that need this article.

VMware NSX Data Center for vSphere 6.4.5 now GA
Aside from the name change, there are some interesting new things in this release - like more functionality in the vSphere Client. Here is the release notes for more info.

Getting started with NSX-T 2.4: Deployment How To
You can learn more about installing NSX-T in this article.  It looks like some nice improvements have been made that make it easier to install.

VMware to acquire Bitnami
This is something that did not catch my attention until I saw the name on a blog.  I know the guy that wrote this article and he is very smart indeed, and pretty strong customer guy too.  So I read the article and it was interesting indeed.  VMware is doing some interesting things.

Photon-based SRM 8.2 and Pure
Cody’s article is a great intro to the new appliance based SRM and even the odd way of installing SRA’s now.  Things are more simple now, but are different so this intro - even with it being Pure is pretty good. It will not be much different if you are using some other storage vendor.

Prevent a worm by updating Remote Desktop Services (CVE-2019-0708)
This is an important issue and again confirms how important defense in depth is in this cyber security age.

PSA: SMS 2FA is weak AF
Yes, it is very weak indeed.  An interesting article that talks about a recent crime that SMS 2FA did not stop.

Threat Hunting via Windows Event Logs
This article connects with the preso on this subject and it is pretty good. It was a keynote that I would have liked to have seen.

Google saves a record of your searches and other app activity. Here is how to delete it
This article shows you how to delete Google activity.  I did not know how to do that so it was interesting.  It helps you with other things, like setting a default of when it is deleted - by default it is when you do.  So never unless you read this!

PSA: If you have a Dell computer, you may want to fix this right now!
This article is interesting and talks about a serious issue if you have a Dell computer that still has the Dell image on it.

Why we choose WireGuard for Veeam PN v2
Anthony talks about this improvement in PN in this article.  It is a big one, not just due to security, but also performance too.  It provides a serious improvement in performance. BTW, my article on how to with PN has not been checked with PN v2.  I will do that in the near future.

Fujitsu ETERNUS storage plug-in now available
Rick has an article that talks about this new release of storage plug-in.  This is major cool stuff.  I love these storage plug-ins as it is a way to do backups that remove the touch on the VM you are protecting. Veeam has quite the collection of them now.

Want to learn more about HCI - specifically VxRail?
You can do that in this podcast.

Little Snitch 4.3.2
Here is a new release of this wonderful little firewall for macOS.  It has been around for a long while and works pretty good indeed.

PowerPoint Slides in Windows instead of full screen
Very useful info from Duncan, how you have have PowerPoint in a window rather than full - screen during Zoom or Webex.

Word to WordPress
Michael is right, this is cool stuff.  I look forward to when it is available on the Mac. Being able to do articles in Word would be nice.

How to discretely disable Touch ID and Face ID an iPhone
This article will help you with this, and with what border crossing is like currently it is good info to have.  The reason is that a number of jurisdictions say that you cannot be compelled to tell your pass code.  But your fingerprint or your face is fair game.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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