Newsletter: May 11, 2019

Hello all,

I have been back from PTO for a part week and yet it has been a long week.  But still good.  I have a few things to share with you today, which I hope you like and are entertained.  I also have started an article on something from my PTO that I think some of you may find interesting.  Hopefully it will be out soon.

This week, while doing some patching on a couple of my hosts, I was surprised to see VMware patches coming down while I did MS Updates.  I remembered that the pvscsi driver would come down but I don’t use it so it was surprising but nice to see.

I updated my article for cleaning up after a VAO uninstall. I also learned some additional things I can do with my HomePod so updated that article too.  I learned that I can say “Hey Siri, play some music” and she will not only play music, but stuff I like - both old and new to me.  Very nice.

BTW, this is a smaller issue as I had less time to gather.

Have a great week,


Game Changer: VMware Cloud on Dell EMC
In this article you can learn about an interesting new offering that will really help some customers.  Think about it, in your own datacenter - large or small - you can have VMware running that VMware worries about the VMware related stuff, and you deal with the apps.

Introducing VMware Site Recovery Manager 8.2
You can learn more about this new release in this article.  I think that this is a big release in that there is now an appliance, and the additional integration with vROps is pretty nice too. I also like the syslog support.  Seems like lots of vendors have already got support for this version which is nice. The vRO integration is pretty useful too!  BTW, here is the release notes.

vSphere Replication 8.2 is now GA
This release adds compatibility to the latest vSphere, but also support for encrypted VMs which is cool. The UI improvements are supposed to be pretty cool as well.  It is also supported by the latest vRO and vROps management packs. Here is the release notes.

VMware Cloud on AWS - SDDC Version 16 now out
VMware Cloud on AWS now has elastic storage that can scale up automatically.   Damn cool. Here are the release notes, and a nice FAQ. I may have the wrong version number, but I have it right about elastic storage.  It can grow automatically as necessary.  Darn cool. It has been around in test for a while, but is now GA.

Managing Distributed Firewall Rules in VMC using PowerShell & NSX-T Policy API
William has an interesting article that will help you do some automation when working in VMC and of course automation is something all of us could do with more of.

Visio Diagrams for VMware Validated Design for SDDC 5.0.1
The diagrams were updated for the new NSX-T workload stuff in 2.4.

Upgrading vSphere Replication 6.1.2/6.5.x to 8.1 fails with error “input stream closed”
This relates to this KB article and I happen to know that this problem impacted someone in the wild this week so it is a good one to know about. And yes, the solution in the KB did solve the problem!

Red Hat and VMware Announce VMware Reference Architecture for OpenShift
Learn more about this partnership in this article.  Looks like some good news for VMware customers.

SAP grants support for SAP HANA 2.0 on VMware
This is good news and you can find a few more words on it in this article.

VMware vMotion and DRS Explained
Melissa does a good job explaining this amazing technology, but I share the article so that you have it handy when you are talking to a user who is not familiar and you can share the article if you need to share some info.

vSphere 6.7 Convergence Tool: Failed to get VECS users and permissions
This article will explains a potential problem and how to get past it if you are using the convergence tool.

vSphere HA Failed to create a configuration VVol
I have not had the excitement, or pleasure, of using VVols but I do think about it.  This article is very interesting and can help with something odd if it happens to you.

VMware Identity Manager 19.03: Upgrade from 3.3
This seems like quite an upgrade but this article has you covered - a video of the process and a bunch of comments.

vArchitect Newsletter 033
Chip has done a great job with this newsletter as it is chock full of useful info.  Thanks Chip!

How to install Nutanix CE on VMware
Tim has an article (and video) to help you get CE running on VMware.  A great way to learn more about Nutanix.

Veeam for Nutanix AHV- Automated Deployment with Terraform
Michael shows you how you can automate the deployment of Veeam on AHV which is sort of cool and certainly useful.

Veeam at Cloud Field Day 5
David has an article that also links to all the preso’s that Veeam did at CFD and it is all pretty interesting.  Well done and good info.

Veeam: How to deploy Dell EMC ECS Community Edition and use it as object storage for Veeam Capacity Tier
This interesting article will help you get started with an object storage option that is local and yet which allows you to play with the capacity tier in Veeam. This is a great way to test out this new Veeam functionality.

How to start with modern authentication in Veeam Backup for MS Office 365 v3
A very nice whitepaper to help you get started more easily when you use VBO to protect your Office 365 environment.

CKA Exam Experience (inc study and lab guide)
I had to confirm first what CKA is (Certified Kubernetes Exam) but if you are going to do it this article will help prepare you.

Microsoft revives PowerToys with open-source tools for Windows 10 power users
I remember long ago using PowerToys, so it is cool the are back now - and as open-source no less.  Find out the whole story here.

Microsoft Recommends Using a Separate Device for Admin Tasks
There are some interesting suggestions and comments, but I suspect most customers will not, should not, use all of them.  You can have so much security nothing gets done.

The 63-point Plan for Helping Your Remote Team Succeed
I have been on a remote team for a long time so this article caught my attention. Some good ideas if your work methodology supports them.

Data Orchestration in A Cloudy World
An interesting article that talks of the old days and data warehouses and how things have changed and what things might look like now.

HyTrust CloudControl 6.0 now GA
This new version still supports vSphere and NSX but now adds in Kubernetes and AWS so pretty cool.  See the press release.

Don’t Forget RoboCopy
It is true, Robocopy is a useful tool.  Here is an article where someone uses it in an interesting way. A while back I did a lot of file migration and I investigated a variety of tools and I picked one that I liked the best, and used it a lot.  See here for more on that one - it is not Robocopy. That was a while back but it is still around and a new version should be out soon.

Linux VMware Software Download now at 6.0 (or 6.0.1)
You can find more about this great tool in this readme. Edward has had to put a lot of work into this great tool since VMware has made a bunch to changes in their repository.

iSCSI: A 25 second pause in I/O during a single link loss? What gives?
This article explains something I have seen in the wild and wondered about.  Good Info!

Yellow Capes and Safe Escapes - the Journey of Zoe Rose
An interesting story from Tom that is nice to read and good news actually.

Memo to Krugman: 7 Problems Cryptocurrency Solves
This article is interesting as it is a result of someone publicly saying Cryptocurrencies solve no problem.  Good info, and quite agreed!

WireGuard - Next Generation Kernel Network Tunnel
One of my co-workers shared out this link about WireGuard. I like WireGuard and think it has good future promises, but currently it is not ready for the masses - or me. I do not consider it easy to use at this time.  Which is too bad as I would love to use it.

New leaks of Iranian cyber-espionage operations hit Telegram and the Dark Web
More evidence that suggests the Iran is doing a lot of cyber - espionage.  There is so many reasons for doing good security - and in depth too.

Reeder 4 Gets a Long-Overdue Overhaul
I am very fond of the RSS reader Reeder and it recently got a big upgrade.  See more in this article.

A Database of Measured Stuff
I found this site - not sure how - but it turned out to be interesting.  Don’t you want to know how tall a panda - or Tyrion Lannister is? There is a lot of other stuff too.

Thanks for reading, or skimming this far,


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