Newsletter: April 20, 2019

Hello all,

This comes to you from me while on PTO.  I have two weeks of PTO and we are spending it in the US hiking in deserts.  So I may not have a newsletter next weekend but we will see.

I did several articles recently, one article on how I manage the lab information, and one article on how my Update 2 process went.  It was pretty smooth with one exception so if you have not done your upgrade yet be sure to check out my article before you do.

Lets get started, I have lots to share, and I need to get back to my PTO (and my wife).

Have a great week,


Performance of vSphere 6.7 Scheduling Options
Want to learn more about how 6.7 works?  Maybe learn about how it gets some performance?  In this new technical white paper you can learn a lot more. This is an important paper as you can learn the performance cost of some of the security mitigation that is available in vSphere 6.7 U2.

vSphere Client Developer Center - More Updates
Some very good news in this article. I know a variety of people that will be really happy that the Developer Center is now in the vSphere Client. And Code Capture is something even more people like - and have missed.

vSphere Performance - Visualizing data around the world with the Grafana Worldmap panel
This article will help you with something interesting - a world map that depicts performance.  I have seen this done in vROps and it is pretty cool.

vFlash Read Cache Depreciation Announced
This is not too surprising as I did not know many customers who used this technology.  I hope it is not a big problem for those that do.

Awesome vSAN - A community List of AWESOME VMware vSAN resources
An very good list of resource is found in this article.

VMware by vExperts
A bunch of Spanish speaking vExperts wrote a book on VMware.  In Spanish and you can find it here.

What’s New in vRealize Operations 7.5? A Technical Overview, Part 2
Check out what is new in vROps 7.5 in this article.

vCloud Director Embraces Terraform
You can learn about this exciting news in this article.  I think that this will be very big for SP’s and a very big help over time. I am not familiar with Terraform (I used to be a Puppet guy) but I know several co-worker who are big on it.

Use OnPrem vRealize Automation to provision on VMWonAWS
This is a pretty cool idea and I think it would be useful too.  Find out how to make this all work in this article.

New Thunderbolt 3 to 10 GbE options for ESXi
William shares the news about additional 10 GB options for ESXi running on NUCs.  Pretty cool.

Was Your Data Included in Recent Security Breaches?
It is a good question - was it?  Find out more, and how you can check, in this article.

What is Cisco UCS Manager?
Melissa has an article that answers that question and really is impressed with the UCS Manager.  I am too but for a different reason.  I am very impressed that you can put your own UI on this tool.  Since it is truly API first it is possible, and not that difficult to put a UI on it that surfaces functionality your way. I have seen it done and it was pretty darn cool - and much easier to use than UCS Manager.

Released: Backup for Office 365 3.0 … Yes! You still need to backup your SaaS
Anthony talks about this new release in this article and it is quite the release.  It has a lot of new stuff, and serious performance improvements.

How to limit egress costs within AWS and Azure
This is something that is good to know as these egress charges can get ghastly. This article has some simple but useful suggestions.

When to use SMB WriteThrough in Windows Server 2019
This article talks of a new feature in SMB that can be helpful in certain circumstance.

PowerShell Cheat Sheet
Would you like a nice PowerShell cheat sheet?  Not if you are a rock star but for us normal folks it is pretty nice.

The Fargate Illusion
An interesting read from a Kubernetes guy.

Windows Admin Center 1904 GA is now available
I know a few people that laugh at this tool, but I have only looked at it a little and have not laughed yet. Here is info on the new version.

Apple’s Face ID: Cheat Sheet
You can learn about Face ID in this article.  Interesting stuff. I have Face ID on my iPad and quite like it.

The Black Hole: It’s time for Apple to ditch the macOS trash can
This article is interesting and a little funny too.  Replace the trash can on the desktop with a black hole kind of idea.  Not bad.

A guide to Lockergoga, the Ransomware Crippling Industrial Firms
In this article it sound like it is pretty bad malware and it is doing some serious damage to company’s manufacturing environments.  When I worked with oil and gas companies we made sure that all process controllers were on a private network.  So that would help with this malware, but also it is getting credentials to do its nasty and that is something that can be improved too. Defense in Depth is key!

Serious flaws leave WPA3 vulnerable to hacks that steal Wi-Fi passwords
In this article you can learn about some issues with our next gen of WiFi.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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