Newsletter: March 23, 2019

Hello all,

I had a great week with a customer and helping them with BCDR and Veeam’s DR orchestration tool VAO - it was fun, but it was also a great bunch of people to work with.  I am also heading out to the Disaster Journal Show in Orlando that starts Sunday night.  I will be the booth there if anyone that reads this is there.  Would love to say hello and chat.

I heard that I was in position 17 in the Top vBlog 2018 and that is most amazing.  You can see the results in this article. There are some great blogs in that list and so if you don’t recognize one check it out and you might be surprised.  Congrats to all the others in the list. As well, thanks to Eric for doing this as I suspect it is a lot of work! Also thank you to all the people that voted for me.  I most appreciate it.

I updated for vSphere 6.7 U1 both my no persistent scratch location article and dump collector article. These are part of my vSphere best practices seen in this article. My best practices, like any other, are not for blind use.  But they are pretty darn good and worth thinking about and maybe you use them.

I did the View 7.8 update.  Was a little different.  There was a popup of security changes - which did not impact me, but I had to restart both servers, and there is a lot of new colors.  On my agent updates each time I had to close the MS store before I could update the agent.  But all ended well and it works good for me.

Again I am short on time, but not short on material so lets get started!

Have a great week,


Identify NIC Driver and support driver version for ESXi server
You can learn an interesting method on doing this in this article.

How to test failure scenarios!
Duncan has in this article some very good recommendations for doing failure testing.  Very good stuff actually. A lot of systems are complex and doing good testing on them is hard, and sometimes it gets worse and hard to fix.  So Duncan’s suggestions are exactly what you need to avoid that.

Use PowerCLI to set your SDDC Firewall rules
In this article you can learn a lot about how you can use PowerCLI to set rules in VMC, which I think is pretty cool.

Using the VMware Update Manager Download Service
This article will help you understand more about this useful service and how to make it work.  This service is to help you populate patches into VUM when you are not able to reach the internet from vCenter.  So you can download the patches where you can reach the Internet and attach the patches to VUM. This is a good article and so thanks David for it.  I know a number of customers who have wondered about how to do this.

Slight change of focus … or should I say reality?!
I know someone now, who works in Spatial Computing - is that cool or what?  See this article for more info, but congrats Alan!

Announcing the VMware Cloud on AWS - Quick Reference Poster
You can get the poster via this article. I am a fan of the posters that VMware does and this one looks pretty good too.

Workstation 15.0.3 Pro Now GA
You can see the release notes and it looks like a nice release - lots of bug and security fixes. Bits can be found here.

Workstation 14.1.6 Now GA
Here is the release notes. This is a release with lots of bug and security fixes. Could not find the bits.

Top 10 VMware Tools
You can check out the list of VMware Tools that was determined by Pete talking to people. Some very good stuff!

Application Level Monitoring for your workloads
Rick has an interesting article about some new and useful functionality in Veeam ONE 9.5 Update 4. He has some good examples of using it as well.

Apple Releases New iPad Mini and iPad Air
You can learn more about the new gear in this article, and some in this one too, like for example why the old pencil is supported but not the newer one.

iMac (2019) Preview: Fresh-brewed Coffee Lake updates
You can learn a lot about this new iMac in this article.  This is a nice update. If I was not a traveling guy, and very happy with my MBA and a Thunderbolt monitor, this new iMac would be pretty attractive.

How to delete and recovery pictures and video in Photos for Mac
This is good info as I have seen several people not sure about this.

Apple releases 2nd generation of Apple Airpods
You can get the full news in this article.  But the upgrade sounds pretty good. I already think I get great battery life but the ability to say Hey Siri instead of a tap will be nice for my wife.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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2 thoughts on “Newsletter: March 23, 2019

  1. Hi Michael,

    Just a link error for the “How to test failure scenarios!” article.



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