Thank you VMware - vExpert 2019!

I am a very big fan of VMware.  I cannot help it, I have helped military units, hospitals, schools, and a variety of business be better off in IT due to VMware.  Truly it was a big deal when I introduced people to virtualization and later vMotion.  In those days I was Professional Services so I built things with VMware to solve customer issues and it was wonderful.  I remember those days and really like VMware. Then I was lucky enough to join VMware and things got even better.  Even today, a serious percentage of my employer’s customers are VMware customers so I still get to help people out with VMware.  I love talking with customers about what can be done with VMware, and when I get to solve a problem, or introduce people to a new feature that is very cool.

And the vExpert program is what allows me to do that.  It provides a community, and licenses, and those two things help keep my skills sharp, and that allows me to empower VMware customers.

This means a great deal to me, so thank you VMware!

BTW, here is the announcement of the new vExperts.


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