Newsletter: February 23, 2019

Hello all,

Another long cold week, and I am certainly looking forward to spring, or heading out again, and maybe to somewhere warm.  But we will see. Lots of the time in the lab, and some of it on new software which is exciting and will be very good for people that want to survive critical IT outages.

I was able to get some articles out this week, including one on how I upgraded my array to be more resilient and it turned out mostly good. I also did one on working with Veeam application consistency. I keep most of my articles current and updated, but that one will definitely be updated as I learn more. I also updated an article - avoiding extra clicks in Veeam Availability Orchestrator. Not many changes but added a little bit to it.

I wanted to remind everyone who is a Veeam customer, or partner about the VeeamON event in late May this year.  Find out more here, and the agenda here. It is a great place to learn, and I am told that there will be more technical content this year.  I certainly complained there wasn’t last time. I have a non-technical session approved, and I am told a technical will be approved so hopefully you will see me there sharing technical knowledge.

I have a range of things - as always I think - to share, so lets get started!

Have a great week everyone,


Upgrading a Basic vCenter 6.5 HA Cluster to vCenter HA 6.7 U1
The HA capability in the VCSA is pretty useful, and in this article - the first of its type I have seen - will help you upgrade your VCSA which is HA enabled to the latest version.

VMware Cloud on AWS: Technical Deep Dive articles: February 2019 Recap
This is a nice thing that has been done, all of the technical deep dive articles on VMC has be linked in one location.  Very handy if you want to learn more!

Low-noise vGPU and vSAN Homelab optimizations
In this article the author talks about how he made his lab more quiet and that is good as his management host is quite noisy. I wanted to get a similar host to his management one to run nested stuff but it is too noisy for my home lab.

Performance Metrics when using IOPS limits with vSAN - what you need to know
Pete has an article that has some very useful info to help you with some of the more detailed work with vSAN.  Great stuff. I had trouble using the feature with IOPS in vSAN as I did not have any context to use it in.  I tried to get the PM / dev staff to put something in place that you could enable this and not configure anything, and after a week it would show you the max and min and range and you could start than specifying a value that was realistic.  Since we don’t have that it is good to have Pete’s info.

NSX-T Home Lab - Part 1: Configuring Sophos XG Firewall
Here is the start of an interesting series on making NSX-T work in your home lab.

How to build a Nested NSX-T 2.3 Lab
You can use this technical whitepaper to help get a NSX-T lab working. I wish I had the time to play with this!

VMware NSX: Install, Configure, Manage [v6.4]
A very nice collection of resources in the forms of links for all the stuff referenced in the ICM (Install, Configure, Manage) course of VMware NSX.

PKS Resources
You can find a very good collection of resources around PKS.

Getting Started with TestDrive
If you are a customer, partner, employee, or VMUG Advantage member you can get access to the new VMware TestDrive which is pretty amazing. This will allow you to try out a variety of different VMware solutions. Try it out here.

Quick Look: Cloud Tier SOBR Offload Job
Anthony has an interesting article that talks more about a very cool feature of Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5 Update 4.  He shows you how it works and also shares some cool useful tips on it.

Veeam Backup for O365 v3 beta available
Tim has an article about the O365 new beta - which is quite a new version too. One of the new features in v3 is modern authentication and Tim talks about that in this article. If you want to read a bit of a review of this new release, from someone who is not a Veeam employee, check out this article.

Veeam Weekly Digest - how do I get it?
This article will help you get subscribed to this weekly digest.  I quite like reading it and I suspect if you are a Veeam user or partner you will too.

Veeam Instance Licensing changes everything, except price!
I like the new licensing from Veeam, but I do find it a little confusing so that is why I keep sharing things to help make it more clear.  Here is a blog article on it that I think helpful

SAP HANA integrated backup is here!
Rick talks about this new support in Veeam B&R 9.5 U4 which is pretty cool.  BTW, backint, which is something I did not know what it was can be defined in this.

An Inside Look at the Backblaze Storage Pod Museum
I am a big fan of Backblaze so it was interesting to see this article about their museum.

NVMe-oF Support is Now Released!
Cody talks about how Pure Storage now officially supports NVMe-oF now. Pretty interesting stuff!

How a New Satellite Constellation could allow us to track planes all over the globe
This interesting article is how the telecommunications giant Iridium has added to its satellites the ability to track aircraft.  This could help avoid any mystery’s like we have seen in the past!

The 5G Opportunity - How 5G will solve the congestion problems of today’s 4G networks
This document is interesting in what it talks about the current (4G) world and what 5G will do. Not sure how long it will take but it is interesting.

There is an interesting story on NTFS vs. ReFS in three parts - part 1, part 2, and part 3. Some really good work done by the author of these articles.  I am a big fan of ReFS and glad we have articles like this to help people understand it is good to use. I wrote an article on actually using ReFS that you can find here.

WordPress: GDPR Compliance
Edward talks about how you can protect yourself from GDPR issues on your WordPress site.

Today I am retiring from NetApp
I actually have met Dave Hitz once or twice, and he was interesting, but I like this article he has written. I like how he is retiring to enjoy life, but yet not quite retiring.

Splunk will no longer sell products or services in Russia
You can see almost no more info on this in this article. I was quite surprised to see this.  But also not surprised too.

The Navy Just Ordered the ‘Orca,’ an Extra-Large Unmanned Submarine by Boeing
I found this article quite interesting and I think it is a pretty good use-case for unmanned military vehicles. But regardless, it is interesting stuff!

How to trigger Emergency SOS on your iPhone (and shut it off)
I really like this feature since it can be discretely done, and it knows what number to call.  I have met several people that think 911 works everywhere but actually it works almost no where - just in US and Canada.  So this feature knowing what emergency number to call is pretty handy. Learn more about how to use this feature and how to tune it too.

Morning Brew
I get an easy to read and interesting email each morning with the news in it.  Very nicely done in fact, and lets me have something easy to read and early in the morning and it means I have a very good idea of what is going on.  If you want to try something like this check out this link.  Thanks for introducing this to me Danny!

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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