Newsletter: January 19, 2019

Hello all,

This newsletter is being done in a variety of locations as I head to the Veeam Sales Kick Off. Normally when that happens it is while I am heading home rather then heading away from home. It looks like this will be a big newsletter today.  I guess that increases the odds you will find more than 1 or 2 good things to read.

I had to upgrade my Exchange server recently so wrote that up. It ended well but had excitement along the way. I don’t think I have mentioned that I miss Lotus Domino lately. But I do.

Next week I am at our Velocity 2019 event, where we will have our own people, and partners go through the sales kickoff.  Should be fun, but if anyone who reads this is there please say hello. For more info on the event, check out this article. You can learn more about the event, and the Innovation Awards in this article by Anthony.

Have a great week!


vSAN Stretched Cluster for everybody
Pete has an interesting article about vSAN stretched clusters and how very useful they are.  I am surprised how common they are in Europe and how uncommon they are here.

Free E-Book: Operationalizing VMware vSAN
Duncan talks about a new e-book that will help you with the operationalizing of vSAN.  This is very good info, and is helpful. If you have vSAN this free book is really for you!

First Look: vSphere Client Developer Center
The vSphere Client fling has some new features - one that is pretty cool is code capture. If you want to play check it out.

Configuration Max website
Just a reminder that even though it started out long ago as a PDF it is now a website and it is good to remember so that you can easily find the max config info. And yes, you can export to PDF if that is necessary.

Revisiting prompting for user input during interactive or scripted install of ESXi
William has a new article on this subject that updates the old info. At some point, around 6.x the vSphere info changed so that user input during a scripted install did not work.

New VMC API to rename SDDC
I wondered about this myself when I was working in VMC and so it is good to see that you can rename an SDDC now.  Learn how in this article.

How to change the default CPU and Memory requirements for deploy the VMC vCenter Cloud
William provide the details on how to change things and it is pretty handy for home lab situations.

VMware Cloud on AWS: Interoperability with AWS
This article talks about some of the amazing value that comes with running your workloads in VMC.

Step-by-Step: VMware vRealize Automation 7.x to 7.5 Upgrade
This article can help you plan your vRA upgrade and he seems to cover things off nicely.

vSphere Upgrade Saga: upgrading NSX-V
Edward has an interesting article about upgrading NSX in his lab.  How it did not work and what he did to force it to work.  Good info if you have an upgrade of NSX in your future.

Horizon Helpdesk Utility
There is a helpdesk utility in Horizon View, but the fling is more capable. So if the integrated helpdesk is not quite what you need you have an option.

Added checks to the vCheck for Horizon View
You can learn more about the new check in this very nice tool in this article.

VMware Horizon 7 on VMware vSAN Best Practices
This new technical white paper will be very helpful if you are running View on vSAN.

VMware PKS 1.3 Now Generally Available with Azure Support and Enhanced Networking, Security, and Management features
You can learn all about this new release in this article.

Dual Intel M.2 Optane 4801x in Supermicro E300-9D
William has a great article on making things work in his E300 and it is pretty good info that would be helpful in the home lab and at work too.

Using the Pure1 REST API - Part 1: Powershell
Cody has an interesting article about using the REST API of Pure but with PowerShell.  He has made it even easier with a module too!

Virtualization and Storage Best Practices
In this video you can learn a lot about mixing storage and virtualization.  Great stuff!

Apple Music on HomePod: Multiple streams require a family account
This article shows you how to manage multiple Apple Music streams in your favor.

How to change Mac app icons
You can learn how to change icons in this article.  Interesting that the sample they do is the Slack icon changed to what it used to be!

Thinking Different: Keys to adopting an iPad-First Workflow
Interesting stuff in this article on adopting an iPad workflow. Some very good suggestions for iPad use in this article - even if you don’t want an iPad-First workflow there is good info to learn in the article - like dock and multi-tasking info.

Slack gets a Bland New Identity from Pentagram
In this article you can learn a little more about the Slack changes.  Which I really don’t like BTW.

Windows 10 IOPS
This article answers the question about Windows 10 IOPS but also shares some other interesting and useful info.

She’s Building a Robot
This article talks about a book I think many of you should buy and give to your daughters.  If we could get more women into engineering we would not be heading for a very big shortfall in engineers.

On commitment, and new jobs
Trevor has an article he wrote to answer a question about what advice would you give a young person looking for work.  He has some good ideas and comments.

8K TV has arrived.  Here’s what you need to know
You can learn more about 8K TV in this article.  I am not sure yet, but suspect most people won’t need it for some time yet.

Microsoft recommends switching to iPhone or Android as it prepares to kill off Windows Phones
You can learn more about this in this article.  The Microsoft apps on an iPhone or iPad are pretty darn good so I am very happy with them.  Maybe if that is important to those people that are about to lose their phone they should check out iPhones.

Is Data Fragmentation Holding your Project back?
Rawlinson has an interesting article about a situation that is very common in my experience.

How to Build a NetApp Ontap 9 lab
You can find out how to do this using a pretty good guide.

The curious case of the Raspberry Pi in the network closet
I have mentioned this before, but this article on the subject is done by the guy involved so it has more details.  This is not as rare as you might think.  I have myself been involved in finding something like this.

The 773 Million Record “Collection #1” Data Breach
It seems like we get a lot of breaches and sometimes I wonder if we are learning through this or not. Here is an interesting article about one and what to do about it.

Have Aliens Found Us?
in this article you can learn a lot more about a strange object that passed through our solar system recently. There is actually six reasons that say this may have been a probe.  Not 100% for sure of course but nevertheless it is interesting.  My own personal belief is that there is other people out there, but the most civilized of them would ignore us.  They would know the strife and problems that would occur on this planet if aliens came to visit. The real issue is the not so civilized visiting, and landing in China for example.  We (in the west) would not see value out of that sort of relationship, and quite likely China would try and take over the world - for our benefit of course.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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