Newsletter: December 15, 2018

Hello all,

I hope that you had a good week - I did, but it isn’t hard when you visit customers and introduce them to a really good BCDR tool like Veeam Availability Orchestrator.  But as it has happened before, this started in one US state, then continued in another, and ended in my home office in Calgary.    This newsletter is well traveled.

BTW, in this article I talked about a very odd PowerShell issue I have - on Windows 10 and Windows 2016.  I may have a solution for it and I am almost finished testing but I will let you know how it goes (update, not solved, so more desperate).

Do you like ‘war’ movies, I have re-watched one that I watched a few years ago.  It is very well done - technical accurate in so many ways, and quite something to watch.  It is called Hyena Road.

As always, I have a range of things to share so lets get started.

Have a great week,


Horizon 7.7 now GA
This looks like a big release in that there is a lot of new stuff, and fixes too.  Here are the release notes and bits. I have not updated yet, but I do note that my macOS View Client updated automatically a day or two ago.  It still works with my 7.6 View.

VMware Tools 10.3.5 now GA
I do not suggest that people update VMware Tools with versions that are OUTSIDE of ESX lightly.  Once you do that you need to start checking HCL’s for more than hardware or OS versions, as now you will need to start checking VMware Tools on the HCL too.  However, in this new version it supports a wide range of things, including the new feature of Guest Metrics that vROps 6.7+ can work with.  I must admit if you do not have a good reason do not use this version - than don’t.  Wait for the VMware Tools that is bundled with ESXi to be updated.

NFS TCP Connections on vSphere revisited
Cormac takes us through NFS TCP connection in his updated article. If you do NFS with vSphere this is pretty darn interesting info, and I am glad that Cormac will get the storage paper updated too.

New Book: VMware vSAN 6.7 U1 Deep Dive
I like the writing style and technical details that Cormac and Duncan do so I am happy to recommend this book to others. If you have vSAN in your world, or if you are a partner that empowers customers with technology you could really use this book.

Understanding the ESXi Network IOChain
In this most excellent article you can learn more about the IOChain in ESXi and it is pretty darn interesting and very well explained too!

Mass Reconfigure of Virtual Machine vCPU Sockets / Cores using PowerCLI
This article talks of a task that can truly be made much easier with PowerCLI.

Getting Started with Desired State Configuration Resources for VMware
This is a very big deal - the fact you can now use DSC with VMware.  Kyle explains it all very nicely in this article. Think about it, being able to say my VMware environment should look like X.  And if it looks like Y it will be changed - at least within the areas currently support by this new functionality.  Very cool.

AWS Outposts and VMware … Hybridity Defined!
Anthony has a take on Outposts and VMware in this article. He has some good points, and we will see how things go as we move into 2019 and when Outposts deliver.  I find it all very interesting, and there is a lot here for enterprises to like.

Introducing VMware NSX Service Mesh
This article is a bit hard to fully understand, and yet I see some interesting stuff.  But if you like networking check it out.  It is pretty amazing.

Now Windows 10 has C, B, and D updates!
This is pretty odd but interesting.  Now I understand a little more of what has impacted my Win10 desktop. There is quite a difference if you never check for updates compared with doing the “Check for Updates” and it is not quite what I thought.

DCPromo Fails - the directory service is missing mandatory configuration information
In this article you can learn about the issue, and also how to solve it.  It is one that I think people in the MS space will run across at one time or another.

Did you miss VeeamON Virtual?
If you missed VeeamON Virtual you can catch it - on-demand - here. There is some good technical sessions you can find at it. It will be available for three months.

Technical Deployment and Configuration Guide for Veeam Backup for Office 365 v2
This whitepaper is quite as an introduction to VBO, and a good way to learn more about this interesting tool.

New Horizons: Runecast Analyzer v2.5
I love this product and to see this new version with Horizon support is most excellent. Learn more about this update in this article.  I really need to update my Runecast soon.

Why choose NAS drives over desktop drives for your NAS?
I have had this very conversation with people, so in this article you can learn why I have recommended to people go with NAS or Server drives for your NAS.

Does Australia’s access and assistance law impact 1Password?
I heard recently that Australia made it a law that encryption has backdoors and I found that very scary.  It is the sort of thing that Canada or US  might try and do. I saw this article by 1Password about it.

USB Type-C’s Configuration Channel
I do love USB Type-C in that it handles data and or power, and so many devices can use it.  I need to get more devices using it - like my iPhone and iPad.  But you can learn more about what makes Type-C so powerful in this article.

Hands-On: Belkin’s USB-C to HDMI Adapter for the 2018 iPad Pro
If you have an new iPad Pro, then this USB-C to HDMI adapter could be pretty useful, such as for watching movies on a TV set, or using a monitor. Find out in this review more about how well or not this adapter works.

How to set up and use notifications on Apple Watch
In this article you can learn more about notifications on your Apple Watch.  Very handy stuff! BTW, this is one of those articles that are much easier to read in Instant Paper, or in Safari Reading Mode.

William Lam - 1000th blog article
William has been blogging for a long time, and so many of his blogs have helped so many of us.  We are very luck to have him blogging!  Thanks William!

Thanks for reading, or skimming this far,


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