Newsletter: December 8, 2018

Hello all,

A week spent at home again is nice. When I was at VMware and DataGravity I was normally able to stay home for the month of December which was very nice, but I am heading out this weekend to visit customers in Detroit and I am quite looking forward to it.  A Proof of Concept on VAO for one, and some research type visits for others.  Should be fun.  If anyone is reading this and lives in Detroit and wants to catch coffee / drinks / dinner with me just let me know.

A few articles this week on Veeam Availability Orchestrator (VAO) - one article on how to design for multi - tiered apps in recovery plans so it goes faster instead of slower, and another article on how to fire off one plan and have all of them go in turn - handy for planned migration or really scary DR events. BTW, all of my technical articles on VAO can be found via this tag. BTW, I also added some info to my Veeam and ReFS article. I also did an article asking for help with PowerShell and lots of red errors. I have gotten a little desperate with this issue.

I heard of people having issues this week with USB memory sticks in hosts that they boot too.  I mentioned I have been using Sandisk Ultra Fit 8 or 16 GB memory sticks for quite some time - first in a Dell R710 lab, and next in a Supermicro lab.  Several people chimed in and said they use the same and really like them, including one who said his lab had been running 3 years with them and no issues.

But I have lots to do, and only half of a weekend so many things to get done, so lets get started.

Have a great week,


Improving PowerCLI Support with Get-ErrorReport
You can get support for PowerCLI, but when they ask for a log it can be a little complex to get.  It is not the typical support bundle.  But in this article you can learn how to get - via PowerCLI - exactly what you need.  Very cool actually but then again I sort of expect that from Kyle.

Persistent Memory Performance on vSphere 6.7
I had a few comments and questions in this area so I thought maybe others might be interested and thus I am sharing out this document that answers all the questions in this area.

vSphere Upgrade Saga: Finally ESXi 6.7
Edward has a nice article about upgrading to 6.7 that has good info for other shops that might be using HPE gear.

VMware Cloud PKS demo
Want to see a demo on PKS?  This is a good one.

vCloud Director 9.5 Appliance Tips
A nice collection of tips to help your interaction with vCD 9.5 appliance.  Nice there is that choice now.

A unified Approach to Securing a Multi-Cloud Environment
This article talks about how HyTrust can help you with your security in a multi-cloud environment and it sounds pretty darn good.

The First Open, Multi-cloud Serverless Platform for the Enterprise is here. 
This article is a big deal.  It is talking about something that will make some very exciting stuff possible, and some of it is truly exciting.  Pivotal is a company to watch.

Storage Short Take #2
Some interesting stuff on the go shared through this article.  Always something interesting to learn.

Synology in the Homelab - NFS 3 vs 4.1
Tim has a most excellent article about Synology and NFS in the home lab.  Some very good info and an interesting result. A while back my iSCSI array was starting to die, and I ended up with only NFS from Nexenta and it has turned out well.  I like NFS.

Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 Data Mover Tool Release
In this article you can learn about moving VBO data from one repo to another repo and it works quite nice.

Veeam certificate maybe be expiring soon in Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5
This cert has a one year life and could likely be expiring quite soon.  You should replace it, or regenerate it and you can find help in this article. It was near expiry in my installation but the regen was easy.  This will be improved in the future!

Veeam’s AWS RE:INVENT 2018 Session posted
If you want to learn more about Veeam’s offering for protecting workloads in AWS you can via this article.

FlackBOX Resources
Do you need some virtualized storage to help your learning out? Check out this list and you will be surprised what you might find.  BTW, I really like the EMC Unity storage array virtualized edition.

Bad Consumer Security Advice
Bruce Schneier is a smart guy, who I have been listening to for a long time.  In this recent article he talks about consumer security and some very good points are made! I really believe that using a different very complex password for every service is a very good idea, and when you have security questions do not use the proper answer but make up something.  I use 1Password to help with this.

How to Protect Yourself from the Zombie (Botnet) Apocalypse
I did not expect this sort of article from NetApp. But it is interesting nevertheless.

“Hacked Account” Blackmail Spam on the Rise - beware!
This article highlights a real issue on the Internet - one that has even reached me.  But of course, I did not fall for it.  If I have to change passwords, I do not use links to do that, but rather I go to the website myself and change them!

FreeNAS 11.2 has arrived!
I know a number of people that use and really like FreeNAS and this is a big update for them.  I looked at it a while back and ended up going with Nexenta.  Which has turned out very well for me.

How Our Careers Affect Our Children
I saw this article and out of curiosity I checked it out and it was quite interesting and it had surprising info in it too.  But it was empirical and that is good, as I think I know people that could learn from it!

Apple presents the best of 2018
You can learn what games, apps and more that Apple selected as the best of the year. Some very interesting stuff in this list!

How to share ECG results with your doctor
An ECG that you visit in a lab or doctors office has 12 sensors, and the ECG in the Apple Watch has only 3, but those three can still provide value.  Learn more about this, and how to produce an ECG PDF for your doctor in this article. This does assume that you have updated to watchOS 5.1.2 and you have watch hardware that supports it.

Google Fi Comes to the iPhone - Mostly
I know a number of people that really like Google Fi.  But they are not iPhone users.  I am a world traveler and could definitely use Fi but I am an iPhone user. So I was surprised and excited to see this article - until I was not excited any longer. This is, however, a very good start.

Luna Display Turns iPad into a Responsive Mac Screen
This article has a good review of a very cool tool.  I am a fan of the Luna and I invested on Kickstarter long ago and when it finally showed up it was pretty cool and worked well.  But it has improved actually - I heard something somewhere about how it uses hardware now to make sure it works smooth. I have used it on trains, and in hotel rooms so that I can have two screens.

Apple Updates - macOS 10.14.2, tvOS 12.1.1, iOS 12.1.1
These were very small updates, and easy to apply and with no issues for me.  I did multiple Macs, Tv’s and iOS devices with no issues. Here is some minor info on the macOS, tvOS, and iOS updates. Here is the info on the security updates in these releases.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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