Newsletter: November 24, 2018

Hi all,

I hope everyone is good today?  I have spent a week in Prague working on future Veeam stuff and it was a blast.  I am part of a product management team of great people.  So it is pretty fun to work, eat, and drink with them.  And Prague is a very nice city too. I am starting this on my homeward journey.  Not sure how many airports I will need to work on this newsletter to get it done but we will see.

Top vBlog 2018 is now open for voting and I would appreciate it if you did. There is a lot of people that work hard on their blogs, and this is a good way to recognize them. And yes, I voted already.

I have stuff to share so lets get to it!

Have a great week,


vSAN Scalable File Services
This is a pretty amazing development really - being able to host NFS or SMB on vSAN but yet still work with storage policies. Learn more about it in this article.  It is in public beta, and it demo’s really well so those are both very good signs.

Log Insight: Missing OVF properties
I mentioned last week I have this issue and am not able to fix a serious DNS issue, but than a friend shared this article. Not sure how I was not able to find it.  I will be using it this week to fix my issue.  Here is hoping it works. Since the article is by Steve I am pretty sure it will work but I will let you know.

External PSC, A thing of the past
Emad has an article that talks of how external PSC is a going to be, one day, a think of the past.

Health check your vSphere environment using Runecast Analyzer
You can read about how useful and cool Runecast is in this article.  I am definitely a fan, and I do use it in my lab too. BTW, here is another excellent article on Runecast.

ESXi on ARM / Raspberry Pi for vSAN Witness purposes or?
An interesting article about a project to get ESXi working on ARM.  And it does. I do believe there will be a variety of use cases for this, not the least of which is vSAN Witness, but I also really appreciate all the work they are doing, and the learning, and how it goes back to the main ESXi stack and that means I am going to have a faster, tougher ESXi.

Now Available - Upgrading to vSphere 6.7 ebook
In this article David announces a new ebook that will be very helpful for partners and people interesting in learning more about upgrading to 6.7. Pretty darn good authors means for a great store of knowledge in the ebook.

Want to learn about offline App Defense?
You can learn more about it here in the docs.  But I am not sure I would do offline use.  I think maybe you give up too much.  But I would need to play with it to be sure. I was talking recently with people on App Defense and I was surprised when they said it had offline. It does indeed but ……

vCloud Director 9.x Advanced Load Balancing with F5 Big-IP
Want to learn more about vCD and LB using F5?  Nice article can be found.

Project Dimension - VMware’s Edge Computing effort
Duncan explains what this project is about - and also shares his interest in it, which means good learning for us over time.

PKS Deployment Revisited - some changes in v1.22
Cormac has an article about PKS deployment which looks pretty interesting.  I wish I had a lab that could support my work, and my play.  I would love to work on this PKS stuff.  If you want to get started on PKS Cormac has a few articles to help!

VMware Cloud Provider Pod 1.0.1 - Release Info
Yves has an article on this new release.  It is quite interesting stuff!

Customizing Cloud Assembly Deployments with Cloud-Init
I had no ideas on this interesting functionality.  Very powerful to enable your automation to be in fact better I think.  Check it out here.

A primer on first class disks / improved virtual disks
I had not heard of this, so yes Cormac, I did not know, but glad you shared.  It is very interesting stuff but I see why it helps App Volumes.

Microsoft Hyper-V 2019 vs. VMware vSphere 6.7
This article does a nice comparison between the two.  Not too detailed but interesting.

Automated Veeam Cloud Connect deployment
Luca has an excellent series on automating the full deployment of Veeam Cloud Connect.  Check out the start of it here.

Veeam Availability Console 2.0 Update 1 - new patch release
Anthony walks you through the patch process in this article, and this is an important update so you should look at getting it done soon.

Mobile App for for Veeam Backup & Replication
Here is info on an app for monitoring VBR on Android phones. I cannot test it, but the pictures should look good!  I cannot wait for the iOS version. Great stuff by some Veeam guys on their own time.

The re-released Windows 10 1809 is still buggy — and some fixes won’t arrive until next week
This was quite a surprise to read, and it is a good idea to delay your update.

Amazon Web Services in Plain English
In this article you can have a bit of a smile, but also learn what all the acronyms are in AWS.

Announcing: Pure Storage Cloud Block for AWS
Cody has an interesting article about some cool stuff coming out for Pure customers.  Very interesting actually.

VxRail 4.7.000 Posted to Web (upgrades)
I know VxRail customers who really like the VxRail system but are often sad abut how long they have to wait for upgrades.  So it is nice to see this update.

Michael as an interesting article about some NetApp software that is pretty cool.  I had a quick demo of it once and was quite impressed but it sounds like it has grown a lot since then.

The Kubernetes Conundrum
This is a very interesting article that is also extremely well written.  I think the author is absolutely right too.

IT Needs it Gates and Jobs
In this interesting article it raises some good points of what Gates did, than what Jobs did, and and now what needs to happen.  Really good points.

PSA: This one feature makes text selection on the iPad
I did not know of this feature, and I have owned and used an iPad since the beginning.

Beginners Guide: How to setup and get started with your new iPad Pro
If you are a new user of an iPad - Michael, thinking of you here, this article can help you get started nicely.

What you need to know about upgrading to iPhone Xs or Xr
Bob has a good article on this which I think is pretty helpful if you get one of these new phones. I will update my iPhone this coming year.  Not sure which model I will pick. But thanks for the info Bob, it is good.

The 2018 iPad Pro is a Beast!
Stephen has a review of his new iPad which is pretty interesting. I suspect I will need to get a new one too.

How to fix your iPad and iPad Pro battery issues
Some very good info in this article that will help you understand somethings that will help you avoid battery issues.  This is important to know as with it I never have battery issues.  I know several people that used to always have battery issues and were irritated that I didn’t.  And now you don’t have too!

Kitchen Confidential: Behind the Scenes of the Worlds largest cruise ship
300 tons of food is loaded for each voyage.  This article goes behind the scenes and has some very interesting info.

63 new flaws (including 0-days) - Windows need to patch now!
I am a little late on this but it is interesting and a good reminder.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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