Newsletter: November 10, 2018

Hello all,

I bring this issue of the newsletter to you from my home.  Which is a little different, but it is in fact very different.  We have no working furnace so it has been very cool in the house lately.  It has been difficult to fix. We are close to putting up our backpacking tent in the living room, and getting out our winter weight sleeping bags. Which will actually work good for us.  We will see if we need to do that.  But with a few layers of clothes, and lots of computers around it is good to get this newsletter done!

No articles this week as I spent a lot in the lab on our next release.  It is in pretty darn good shape for so early in the dev cycle. Some very cool stuff in it too. I did however update an article - the one about vDocumentation tool.

I saw this cartoon and really liked it - it is called Smooth Sailing with Kubernetes. Entertaining, but also educational!

But I have some interesting stuff to share, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!


Getting started with VMware Pivotal Container Service (PKS) Part 1:Overview
I believe based on a bunch of things (how many customers have mentioned to me, how many blogs I see, how many sessions at VMworld I see on it type of thing) that containers are doing much better this year than in the past and I should learn more. But here is the start of some good info from William on this subject.

Announcing the vSphere 6.7 Update 1 Security Configuration Guide
Mike release a new version of this guide and that is good news.  Remember, you do not have to apply every setting, but you can read through it to learn more!

vSphere Upgrade area now available on vSphere Central
You can find a dedicated vSphere upgrade section of vSphere Central and that is pretty handy!

ESXi on a Raspberry Pi
In Williams article you can see an ESXi screen from a Raspberry Pi running VMware. I am happy about this work not only for the edge devices that can benefit, but I suspect that with the work on making ESXi work on those platforms it may also improve ESXi that runs on my devices!

How to create Custom Report in vRealize Operations Manager
You can learn how to create reports in vROps.  This is very handy functionality and so it is good to know how to use it.

vSphere PKS Plugin
A new lab fling that should help those people with Kubernetes cluster in use in that it allows some management in a graphical UI.

VMworld: My experience at VMworld 2018, a look at location, VMvillage, Stands, vCommunity and Parties
Jorge was very lucky to have a bloggers pass to VMworld and one of the articles he has written is this one.  A different look at VMworld, and I hope your browser can translate as fast as my Google can as the article is in Spanish.

Direct playback and download URLs for all VMworld 2018 Europe Sessions
William has the list and hardly anything is missing, I am pretty impressed how fast they got the sessions out and how quick William did his thing.  Some great stuff to download.

VMworld EU 2018 - Deep Dive: The Value of Running Kubernetes on vSphere
This very interesting session has an article written about it by one of the attendees.  Interesting stuff actually and worth checking out the session.

VMworld 2018 presentations
Iwan has once again shared his presentations from VMworld and of course, as you can imagine there is some good learning in them.

Announcing Project Dimension Beta
Kit talks about the newly announced beta for Project Dimension in this article.  Project Dimension is the Infrastructure as a service that was talked about at VMworld US.

What’s New with VMware Log Intelligence - VMworld Europe 2018
On-prem you might have Log Insight, I do, and find it quite useful to help understand how things are working, or not working.  But when you are in VMware on AWS you cannot do Log Insight since you don’t have the access to do it.  But, there is the option of Log Intelligence and that is very exciting.  So you get from it what you might with Log Insight, but it also does a lot more - it has the cloud behind it so that means some possibilities like trends, and maybe VMware can learn about issues too.  But here is an article that is an announcement about it from VMworld Europe 2018.

Backing Up 6.7 Update 1 VCSA to Cloud Connect Fails
Anthony has a nice article about an interesting problem that I suspect impacts other people as well!  For the problem symptom and what the solution is check out his article. It was good for Anthony to do this, not only to help people out, but to remind me I have to investigate why I cannot backup my vCSA.

VMworld 2018 - Michael Cade - Fantastic Features and where to find them
A vBrownBag on interesting features that not all Veeam users now about.  Hard to see the computer screen unfortunately, but good info.

Veeam: Recording of the webinar “The Top 10 Best Practices for vSphere Backup”
Jorge has an article about the top best practices for vSphere Backup using Veeam.  Some good info.

Demystifying the Windows Firewall
You can learn a lot more about the Windows Firewall in this video. And the Windows Firewall is a pain to manage, particularly at scale so more learning is pretty nice!

Presenting to the D-Suite
This article is a little different, and interesting too.  I think Tom has the right point on the audience. Some of the VMUG’s I presented to were the D-Suite.  And I did enough executive briefings at VMware to really know the C-Suite too.

XSS flaw in Evernote allows attackers to execute commands and steal files
Good to know about this issue, and I am happy that the latest release fixes this issue.

Microsoft’s Bitlocker compromised by bad SSD encryption
I was surprised to learn that problems in SSD encryption could expose vulnerabilities in Bitlocker.  Find the details in this article.

How I passed Certified Kubernetes Administrator exam on first attempt
In this article you can learn about how someone passed the CKA exam.  Which is quite different in that it has no questions, but rather tasks to be completed.  I love those kind of tests.

Stateful containers in production, is this a thing?
David has a very good article on containers and some very good points that I really agree with. This is something I have often talked about with customers who ask me about when we will backup containers!

LinuxVSM: Keeping up with VMware
Edward has an article about his work creating VSM.  VSM is a very useful tool, a great one to download VMware bits as you need them.  I have an article about making it work.

Migration Week: To an Apple MacBook Pro
Edward has a migration article that is interesting reading. I am working on one now too!

iPhones are Allergic to Helium
In this article you can learn about how and why these phones are allergic to helium.  Interesting stuff.

The 2018 iPad Pro’s
My wife needs a new laptop, or a new iPad.  I think she is a prime candidate for a new iPad and mostly using it - which she does now with an old iPad, but for her photography stuff. So maybe a new laptop for a few years before moving to an iPad only.  But as part of my investigation of this, I saw this interesting article. I am most impressed with the new iPads.

How to take a screenshot with the iPad Pro (2018)
I saw someone talking about this and then I saw this article. Screenshots on the iPad are not that frequent for me, but when I need them I really want them!

Best iPad apps for your new users
This article covers off what the author thinks are the best apps for new users, and I can say I completely agree with many of the choices.

The New iPad Pro for Photographers
I found this article and shared it with my wife to see if she would go with a new iPad over a new laptop. But, I think I was more impressed with the article than she was. I really liked the pictures!

MacBook Air (2018) Review
You can learn about this very nice new MBA in this article.  I have one as well - need to get it working for real mind you.  And I can attest to the fact it is very nice indeed.  The display is outstanding. I don’t do any database, or movie encoding, but rather Office stuff, Slack, and Horizon View and that all just works great and fast.  But playing with my pictures is really something - they are so much better on that compared to my other MBA in the house. I am thinking quite seriously of keeping this new MBA for myself, and giving my MBP to my wife.  With the rationale it will be better for her movie and picture stuff. Here is another very good review of the 2018 MBA.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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