vSphere 6.7 Update 1 - things I have noticed . . .

The upgrade was super easy in one lab, and easy in another - and not super easy here due to oddness not related to Update 1.  I am very happy with the results - I really like using just the HTML5 client.  I love having everything in the Content Library.

But, I don’t work for VMware any longer, and so I have no way to talk to a PM or R&D team lead and say what about this or that.  So I realized I would put it out on my blog and maybe someone would be able to see it and explain.

  • I use the Notes widget on the VM Summary screen to track what I have done and when to a VM.  But, after updating to U1 it was like the length of that field was changed to what was in use.  So whether I have 10 lines, or 30 lines, I cannot put anything more into Notes.  I can delete the text and put more in however.  So it seems a little odd.
  • In my Veeam software, both Veeam Backup & Replication, and Veeam Availability Orchestrator, I got a compatibility error when I tried to use Virtual Labs. All I had to do was edit the virtual lab, save, it, and the error went away.  The Veeam QA guys are working on this one.
  • There seems to be a serious file name length restriction in terms of the file you wish to connect to your VM via the Content Library.  In fact a name that worked in 6.7 does not work now in Update 1.  So I shrink the name, upload it again and it works fine.  I believe the length restriction is in the wrong place.  It should be in the upload and not the connection.  This would means I would know a file I am failing to upload is too long and it would be quick and easy to to deal with. Update - Playing with this a little more has made it  much more confusing.  I can attach successfully a very long name Microsoft Windows 10 file, but a somewhat shorter file name from Veeam doesn’t load.  Now this has gotten confusing.   I wonder if it is not file length, but some character in the file name?
  • On the Host Summary screen, in the Update Manager widget, I have a Host Firmware field that says Up to Date.  I believe this is referring to my host BIOS firmware - which is in fact current.  But does the Update Manager know Supermicro?  I thought it only knew a few vendors and Supermicro was not one of them.  I could be wrong, but I think it is saying Up to Date as some sort of a default.  I will have to wait until there is new BIOS from Supermicro to know for sure.
  • I notice you can clone a template into the Content Library, but when you deploy from it, which is in fact a nice wizard, you do not have an ability to do a customization.  That is definitely something I need, but cannot seem to find a way to do.  That may mean I have to not use the CL for templates. Will keep looking around.
  • There is some oddness around pulling a log bundle.  I cannot do it on a Mac using FF or Chrome - it does try but doesn’t seem to finish or even complete in recent tasks.  But, using Chrome on a PC in Windows I can - but it still is not perfect as it seems to take a long time to finish - not to generate the log bundle but to finish the download.  I do need to enable popup first however.


  • 10/29/18 - added the comment about log bundles in the HTML5 client being a little wonky.
  • 10/23/18 - cannot provide details but VMware has looked at the list and things are looking pretty good in the future.
  • 10/21/18 - added the info on content libraries.
  • 10/21/18 - updated with more on the file name issues.
  • 10/21/18 - published.

These are minor things, but they do irritate me a little.  I hope someone reads this an knows about these and can comment.  Make no mistake, Update 1 is one of my favorite updates in a long while.  Very happy with it.

As always, comments, or questions are much appreciated.


=== END ===

3 thoughts on “vSphere 6.7 Update 1 - things I have noticed . . .

  1. Not being able to do a customization from Content Library would be a showstopper for me; I wonder if there is something in the API that just isn’t exposed in the web client.

    1. Hi - are you referring to applying Guest Customization for a VM that is being created from a template in a Content Library? If yes, then it is possible in vSphere Client (HTML5) in 6.7 Update 1. UI will prompt you an options to customize the guest OS, if you select that option, you can chose an existing guest OS customization spec to apply for that operation. If spec needs any specific user settings, you can apply those user settings after VM creation by right click on the VM and selecting Clone -> Guest Customization option.

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