VAO - Virtual Lab ‘X’ not found on server ‘y’

You might see this error one day in VAO.  I have.

It is pretty simple to see this.  I had configured my replication on the production site, and I had created the virtual lab on the recovery site.  I did that specifically since I had virtual labs on my production site for the SureBackup jobs and I did not want to confuse things.

So my failover test failed.  With the important part of the log seen above.

The solution is to configure and manage your replication from the recovery site.  If you have a lot of virtual of virtual machines remember you can - when you configure replication, use a seed to severely minimize the amount of re - replication you need to do. Remember that virtual labs, and replication management need to be together, normally on the DR side.

You can see all of the VAO technical articles I do using this tag.

Hope this helps, and don’t forget I do like questions and comments.


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