The Veeam HTML5 plug-in for vSphere Client

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This is something I have had to introduce to a variety of customers.  So I figured today I should do a blog about it. This is not about how to install it but about how useful it is.

When you are in the vSphere HTML5 client, and you use the Menu you will see Veeam.

Once you select the Veeam option you will see something like below.

You have a really good view here of the state of your repositories.  You can also see the numbers of processed VMs over different time scales.

And below this you will see the last two widgets on this page.

Lots of info on these two panels.  I like seeing the number of protected VMs, and the successful backup session ratio.  Again we can look at this info over different time scales.  The jobs with warnings and errors are seen in totals as well.

But what is also cool, is that we have two reports that you can access very easy from there.  If you click on View Protected VMs Report link you will have to authenticate, select Create, and you will see something like below.

You can also can see the latest backup info via the link – View Latest Backup Job Status.  Again you need to authenticate and select Create.

So you can see some good info as soon as you look at the Veeam plug-in, and you have two useful reports but there is more.  If you right click on a VM, select backup, you have the option to do a backup.

And often a backup is going to be more useful than a snapshot.  And yes, it is a quick backup.


  • 10/15/18 – it is a little embarrassing to say I just learned of something else cool that this plug in does.  Check out the screenshot below.  Every VM gets it and the ones that get a backup has info to show.

I believe there is enough cool stuff here to make it worthwhile for you to have the Veeam plug-in installed – right?


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BTW, if you would like to have this functionality, log into your Veeam Enterprise Manager, change to the Configuration Menu, and switch to the vCenter Servers view and use the Install button.

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