Customization of the guest operating system ‘windows9Server64Guest’ is not supported …..

Hi all,

An odd issue.  I am trying to update my lab – to the new AD version, so that I can add things like Exchange in it, and also be more current.  There are some things customers have mentioned to me I want to play with in Veeam.  So I started by deploying two new Win2K16 VMs to be the new DC’s.  That did not work.  It failed in the customization with a very odd message.

I figured this was due to VMware Tools being outdated.  So I deleted the failed deployments, and turned my template into a VM.  Then I did the VMware Tools update, Virtual Hardware update, and a lot of MS updates.  Then tried again to deploy successfully, and this time it worked.  All good.

Hopefully this will not happen to you.  If you keep your templates current you will not see this issue.  But I have been pretty busy and did not keep mine current.  So I had an issue.


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