macOS Mojave now GA

Hi all,

So around lunch today Mojave dropped (9/24/18).  I had been using the public beta on an old MBA and it has grown into a solid release from my point of view. So here is the upgrade story.

  • All outstanding app updates applied
  • Backup
    • Time Machine (for easy file restores)
    • BackBlaze (for offsite backups)
    • SuperDuper (for a bootable image backup)
  • Connected to electricity
  • Connected to network - for hopefully faster update than over the air
  • Empty the trash
  • Restart
  • Update
    • Which means download and update.  It took maybe 60 minutes all told to get me back to a login prompt after the download and start of the update.
  • Test Time
    • I see that it is macOS 10.14 build 18A391.
    • My apps all work (all are the latest version)
      • Office 2016
      • View Client 4.9
      • Tweetbot 3.1
      • Slack 3.3.2
      • Skype
      • Evernote 7.5
      • Bitdefender - - this one caught me by surprise, most impressed it worked.
      • 1Password 7.2
      • Monity 1.4.5
      • On a different machine - MBA - which uses Trend today a new copy was available, and automatically downloaded for me, and worked good - it was 9.0.1.
    • No surprise all the apps work.  I have been using some of them in the beta builds.


The biggest thing I have noticed so far is there is more privacy controls, and I have had to say yes a lot to them.

I share all this in case it helps, and so I hope it does. I have two Macs on this version and they are working good so far.


=== END ===

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