As Built Report – working with it in my lab

Hi all,

This tool is most excellent.  It is a collection of scripts that can produce detailed, or more detailed, or most detailed reports of your vSphere environment.

I should mention that when I use setting 2 for detail I get a Word document that is 9 pages long but when I use the default of 3, I get a report of 114 pages. But very good info and useful for a variety of reasons – such as DR, or helping with patching or VMware Tools updates. If I was still an SE for partners I would be using this script every time I finished working at a customer so I could also compare between when I finished the work and when I showed up to help troubleshoot.

The tool is call As Built Report and it comes from this site, but you can also see their VMworld session too.

Anyone is is experienced with PowerShell / PowerCLI is going to find it pretty easy.  But I am a beginner, and I have not worked with JSON before so I stumbled a bit. So I am going to share a little bit of into to help people that might stumble as well.

Install outline

  1. Unzip the master zip you get from this link in your scripts folder. Make sure you get the script from the Master branch and not the default dev branch.  On the left side of the screen is a drop down that you can select master, and the download button is on the right
  2. Now on each .ps1 file you need to right+click and select Properties and check unblock.  There are a number of .ps1 files in a variety of folders. (The last time I installed As Built I did not have to do this.)
  3. At the PowerShell prompt use install-module PScribo and let it install.
  4. Create a folder c:\reports to catch the reports you do.  You can use a different path if you like.

Be aware that your default setting of detail 3 is going to make a big HTML or doc file. But it is very useful and you will see how to tweak that below.

Execution – first

The command below is what you need to use the first time.  And answer all the questions like your name, email and the like.

3 thoughts on “As Built Report – working with it in my lab

  1. Hi,
    Very nice guide. I have a question regarding your home lab. How many vms and hosts do you have in your lab that produces a report of 114 pages ( or 9 pages with level 2 ). Why Im asking is because I am thinking of using this is our production environment to get a full report. But the production environment contains a couple of hundred vms and a bunch of hosts so im afraid im gonna get a huge report that will crash my disk.



    1. Hi Johan,

      Yes, I suspect you will have a very large doc. I have only 4 hosts and maybe 40 or 50 VMs so you will have something pretty big, but I suspect it will still be useful. there will hot links, and you can always do ctrl F.


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