Newsletter: August 25, 2018

Hello all,

Still out traveling and visiting customers.  I do like doing that a lot.  It does mean I am starting this in a hotel, and continuing it in airports.  Heading to VMworld.  Very much looking forward to it.  I am excited about a number of the sessions. I am lucky in that I have few meetings and no booth duties so can attend sessions.  I am also unlucky as I have only a few meetings.  But hopefully that will pick up.

I do plan on picking a spot in the hang space and working there and will share out that location via twitter in case anyone wants to meet or chat, or get demos of my product.  Or, if you are a Veeam customer, I am the only R&D PM there so I would be happy to listen to you about your Veeam comments.

BTW, I heard Friday that VMware has certified Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5 Update 3a on vSphere 6.7 vSAN.  See the VCG here.

As always, have a great week, and Travel Safe!


We are changing the way we name VMware Certification. This year makes it clear.
I am a little surprised and skeptical about this.  I don’t actually see how it makes it clear.  Also, not sure why a change was needed.

Better together: SRM and VVols
In this article VMware shares that VVols support for SRM is now on the roadmap.  VVols usage is definitely increasing and this might help it too.

VMware Cloud Services guide to VMworld
You can learn more about what Cloud Services is doing at VMworld in this article. Cloud City sounds interesting.

VMworld 2018 Security Sessions
Mike talks about all of the security sessions at VMworld in this article. There are some excellent sessions, and no, Mike, you have not gone critical yet.

VMware Party List
The VMworld party list was updated again.

VMworld 2018 and Pure Storage
You can find out all about what is happening with Pure at VMworld in this article.

VMworld 2018 Edition
Anthony has the Veeam info for VMworld. We have a lot of stuff happening so it is good that Anthony has it all down.

Introducing Code Capture
This new version of Onyx is pretty darn cool, so if you want to have code generated for you, then check out this article.

New Release: PowerCLI 10.2.0
You can learn about this minor update in this article.  I do love how easy it is to update!

vRA Hardening Check
In this article you can find out how to automate your hardening of vRA.

Aligning the vRA and VRO Conent Packs for Log Insight to product and agent versions
Nice article Kim, and good explanation - so thanks!

Syslog and what protocol to send events over
Thanks very much for this article Steve!  Much appreciated.  It talks about the protocols that logs can be sent over and has recommendations too.

Updated Technical Report for VMware VVols with ONTAP
These technical reports from NetApp are pretty useful so it is good to see this one.

Must read white paper: Persistent Memory Performance with vSphere 6.7
Duncan talks about a new VMware white paper that sounds quite interesting.

VMware Samples Exchange
Did you know that VMware has a samples exchange where you can get sample dashboards?  Pretty cool, and while there is not a lot there now, it is a nice start.

VMware Cloud Director 9.5: The best of VMware in the Cloud
This article talks about a new version of vCD that sounds pretty darn good - not just full HTML5 but also an appliance model?  When I used to install vCD long ago it was a pain so an appliance model is cool.  If it means what it sounds like that is. I am very surprised to see Avamar connected with it as I think some other choices would have been better.

Base NVM Express - Part 1
This article - the first of four, is all about the base NVM and it is is informative and educational.

Linux OS Patching with Puppet Tasks
This is an interesting article that will help Puppet shops be more proactive on patching - which is quite useful and important.

Upgrading to Veeam Agent for Windows v2.2 
You can learn about an upgrade issue, and workaround in this handy article.

VMware Cloud on AWS Support
This Veeam KB article has been updated recently and I think seriously improved.  Just in case you need Veeam on VMC it can help.

Testing Software
I have not heard of Element Software but it sounds interesting.  And yet, from NetApp.  Check it out here.

Everything you need to know about Windows Server 2019 - Part 2
An interesting article about the next major server OS from Microsoft.  The Admin Center is cool, and I quite like it, but the Storage Migration Service sounds interesting too.

The untold story of NotPetya, the most devastating cyberattack in history
This article is a long read, but interesting and full of reasons why a good security posture in every business, and home lab is so important.

Alleged SIM Swapper Arrested in California
This article talks about a guy arrested for ‘stealing’ SIM info and then stealing cryptocurrencies.  And he made a lot of money before he was caught.

More browser extensions and apps caught spying on users
Did you expect ad blockers to spy on you? I didn’t, but I guess I should have.  Learn more here, and hope you are one of the victims.

Just say no: Wifi enabled appliance botnet could bring power grid to its knees
This article confirmed that no WiFi enabled appliances will end up in my house.  I think maybe you should have the same rule!

Air-Sea Rescue saved airmen shot down during the Raid on Dieppe
This article is not what I normally share, but it is an interesting story from long ago. I liked it, and thought you might too.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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