Newsletter: August 18, 2018

Hello all,

I had a week of visiting customers and talking and listening about VAO.  How cool is that?  Pretty darn cool I think and most appreciated. Getting really close to VMworld and that is exciting.  I hope to meet and chat with many of you there.

This list of parties at VMWorld was updated so it is good to check it out again. Here is an article for vExperts and bloggers that will be pretty good I suspect about HPE stuff. Here is an article with some good VMworld sessions picks.

No articles written in the past week but I did update the odd one about DHCP not really working in the lab due to Wifi issues.

The list of new NSX vExperts dropped Saturday - you can see more info here.  But it really impresses me as I know a very little bit about NSX and it is complex.  So very cool there is so many who can make it purr.

Have a great week,


Important - L1 Terminal Fault
Another flaw that can cause us harm, and there is a very good write up the issue and the workarounds and done by the people at RuneCast.  In fact their software detects this issue. Some reminders about patching can be found in this article. This is the KB article of truth! In this KB article you can learn about the performance impact.  And both are worth being familiar with. I did apply the VCSA and host patches but that is all - and I did that in vSphere 6.7.  When I did the VCSA patch is said there would be 102 minutes of outage but it turned out to be maybe 10.

For VMware Admins | day to day useful PowerCLI commands / scripts
This article has a collection of scripts that cover off a lot of different VMware related things and I like several of them enough to add to my tool kit.

vROps 6.7 - Reclamation Settings Guide
This article talks about reclamation settings - where they are now, but also how they can help with powered off VMs, old snapshots and the like.  Really good info.

Configuring Hybrid Linked Mode and a multi-site on-premises environment
A very interesting and detailed article to help you set this up - both your first SDDC and linked mode.  Very nice.

Anthony is playing in VMware on AWS
How do I know that?  He did this article on creating a single host SDDC and this article on some automation and creating VPC and networks.

From Zero to NSX Hero
This article has a good list of things to help you learn more about NSX.  Definitely a good way to start down that path.

ESG/DLR tempfs partition fills in NSX 6.3.6 and 6.4.1
This article will help you with a problem you may run into and how to deal with it.

VMware NSX - Top 9 Free Books to Read
Here is a nice article with some nice resources to learn more about NSX.

NSX-T Automation with Teraform
Some interesting possibilities with NSX-T and Teraform now they can work together easily.

Considerations for Office 365 organizations with no SharePoint Online or OneDrive for Business
This KB article shows some important things to consider and deal with if you are doing Office 365 backups and don’t have SharePoint or OneDrive.

Veeam Availability Console 2.0 Update 1 important patch release
Anthony has the full info on this important patch.  If you are a Veeam service provider you should check it out.

Technical Overview of Veeam Availability Orchestrator Integration with Veeam Backup & Replication
Melissa has written a paper on how VBR and VAO get along and connect and you can find it here. Good background info if you are starting down the path of working with, installing, or using VAO.

Veeam Backup Satellite Process causing jobs to fail
Dave shares an article about how Veeam backup jobs are failing in an Hypter-V and Storage Spaces environment.  Also shows the solution too.

Speeding up Veeam Backups from a Hyper-V Cluster
Dave has an article about an interesting issue and solution in Hyper-V backups.

Microsoft will keep Classic Skype alive ‘for some time’ after user backlash
Good.  See this for more info.

Supermicro Xeon D Superserver BIOS 2.0 and IPM 3.68 released
Paul is sharing in this article the info on updating your BIOS in Superservers. Note that the BIOS config may be lost and that is quite irritating. I will be doing this update when I am home in two weeks and will share how it goes - I will also update my article on the subject after I do the upgrade.

Management of Start Menu and Tiles on Windows 10, and Windows 2016, Part 1
This interesting article will be quite useful if you want to manage start menus, or if you want a users start menu to follow them around. Pretty darn interesting and useful info actually.

Microsoft Exchange 2019 Public Preview
If you are an Exchange person you may want to check out this new version of Exchange.  As I recall, it has dropped the unified messaging functionality in it.

The VMware Summer Reading list
Melissa does this Summer Reading list and it is pretty cool.  Some great links to useful info.  Check it out here.

Build Day Live! Supermicro - Big Twin
I do like Supermicro gear, and seeing this build day live is pretty cool.

PowerPhotos - the Ultimate toolbox for Photos on the Mac
I quite like this tool, and have used it before.  So I think it pretty handy.

Stocks App: The Ultimate Guide
I quite like the stocks app, as it is an easy way to check how my stocks are doing but I met someone recently who was not familiar with it, so here is some help. It is cool it will be in the next macOS release.

News App: The Ultimate Guide
This is for the US, UK, and Australian people that actually get the News App.  I am quite jealous. But if you have the News app and want to learn more you can using this article. It is also going to be in the next macOS release for those same countries.

How to trigger Emergency SOS on your iPhone
I have met people that think 911 works everywhere in the world when in fact it works in the US and Canada only.  So it is nice if you use your phone make an Emergency SOS it will take care of knowing what the emergency number is in that location.  It is particularly handy when you are wounded and don’t have much mobility.  But get a good reminder how this works on your iPhone.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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