Virtual Lab “xray” not found on server “”

This has been bothering me for a bit.  When I do a test failover I see the error above.  Here is a screenshot:

This is an example out of my lab.  I could start and stop the virtual lab in the VAO UI with no issues.  I removed / uninstalled everything and tried again.  Still had the same issue.

The solution is a major surprise to me.  Virtual Labs must be created where the replication consumed in the virtual lab is configured and started.

In the example of the screenshot I started the replication to my DR site on  But yet, I created the virtual lab in the DR site.

The answer to this all is that you need to start your replication in the DR site and of course that is where you should create your virtual labs that you use in VAO.

Hope that this is clear but if not Google will hopefully deliver you to this article, and you can use the comments to learn more.


=== END ===

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