Virtual Lab: VM has no network adapter error

Hello all,

We were working in Veeam Availability Orchestrator (VAO) recently and I had an interesting error and a few of us were puzzled by it.  So that means it is a good one to share.

During a test failover we saw some unusual errors and the test failover failed.

The two screenshots above are from the Execution report, but we did see the errors and warnings in the UI.

What does this mean?

This tells us that the VM starting in the test lab has a network that is not recognized by Veeam so the network adapter is not connected (or attached in fact) and as a result you get the error you see above.

How do we fix?

We first need to check some things.  First we look at the replica and see what the network is that it will use on boot.

We can see above the replica will boot to Silver VM Network which is in fact correct.

This screenshot is not that important for this issue, but I wanted to share it anyway.  It is best to use the Advanced multi-host option with a Distributed Virtual Swich.  It means your virtual lab can span hosts and that is very handy.

In the screenshot above we see the solution.  We did not have the isolated network correctly filled in, and another time we had the production network not correctly filled in. So you use the Add button and select the appropriate and correct networks. So production should be production as we saw above when we looked at the VM and the isolated should be the VL one.

Now the mappings are right, we can go back and try a VAO Test failover and it should work this time (and it does).

Any questions or comments let me know.  Remember you can see all of the VAO related technical articles using this tag -


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