Network remapping with Veeam Backup & Replication

Hi there,

I had some issues recently where a better understanding of network remapping when replicating with Veeam would have been good.  Especially since it can impact your virtual lab work as well as a failover when using Veeam Availability Orchestrator (VAO).  After all, you would not want your VMs to fail-over when they are going to start and look for a network switch that does not exist.

In this article we are going to talk about network mapping and in the next one how to deal with network mapping when you have a virtual lab and want to do test failovers in VAO.

So, in this scenario we have the Gold production cluster using VM Network, and in the recovery site, the Silver cluster using Silver VM Network.  So normally VMs replicating would start up and not work on the network as they could not find a connection.  Network remapping will fix that.


Gold Cluster - VM Network


Silver Cluster - Silver VM Network

So the way to use network remapping to solve this potential issue, is to use the following option when you are configuring your replication jobs.

After you hit Next twice, you will be on the network page.  You will be able to use the Add button to add your source network as well as the target.

Now you continue the wizard as you would normally but yet, when your replication is finished your replica will have the target network instead of the original source one.

So we have solved the issue of VMs being replicated with a network connection that will not work in the destination (but is perfect in the source). My next article will be how this impacts our virtual labs.


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