Clean Up of VAO uninstall

Hi there,

Several people asked me about this recently so I thought I better share my info.  When you uninstall VAO, there is still some things left - like the SQL database.  So here is my info on doing an uninstall so that it is possible to install VAO again on the VM. If you do the uninstall you will not be able to install VAO again - it will error out when it hits the database.

I have had to do this in my lab as I need to reuse VMs and protect my investment in MSDN licenses. So here is the form I use to help remind me of what to remove.

Server Name:
Version uninstalling:
Prepare to clean up
  • clean up replications (don’t have to do this if you are going to install again AND the jobs are in external VBR servers)
    • remove jobs,
    • remove replicas
  • clean up virtual labs (don’t have to do this if you are going to install again AND the jobs are in external VBR servers)
    • In Veeam
    • In VMware
  • Clean up virtual switch(s) from virtual labs (hopefully done as part of removing the lab)
  • Remove any remote VBR hosted VAO agents
Uninstall everything
  • VAO
    • BTW, if you get an error like below then make sure you are doing the uninstall from inside the Control Panel using Uninstall Software and not the Add Remove programs option.

  • VBR
  • Remove any other Veeam components not gone yet like Backup Transport or Mount Service
  • May have to remove some other components such as - VAL, VAW.
  • Remove SQL and SQL related stuff - if you are working in the POC model where SQL is installed on the VAO server.
Remove SQL Veeam VAO database
  • in Program Files, sqlserver, veeam database folder structure - if you are using embedded SQL that is, and if not the external SQL server will have VAO, Veeam Backup, and ONE databases to remove.
Cert clean up
  • use certmgr.msc, Trusted Root Certificate Authorities, Certificates folder, and look for your server name,  and delete it, there may be multiple, but delete all.  There may also be a backup one, and delete it to. Generally one Veeam backup, and 2 or 3 with same name (of your VAO server). This is true in the VAO server but also in your certificate store on the admin workstation!
Folder clean up
  • Confirm in program data folders Veeam gone
  • Confirm in program files folders Veeam gone
  • confirm in program files (x86) Veeam folders gone
  • Confirm Veeam data folders (repositories) are empty.  Likely several have something in them like vPower.
Backup Job Cleanup
  • Did you do any failovers, where the plan was protected after failover?  If so delete the jobs created from the template. This may not be required due to where your VAO server is (production or DR site) and if you have additional VBR servers.
  • empty trash
  • restart

If you have questions or comments, let me know.  I will keep this updated as things change.

BTW, if you ever uninstall VAO because you are angry with it, please reach out to me.  I am the product manager of VAO and would love to learn what you don’t like about VAO - so I can improve it.


  • 5/8/19 - comment about not removing replication if it is external to VAO and you are going to install again.
  • 4/9/19 - reminder of the cert’s to remove on admin workstations.


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