Newsletter: May 12, 2018

Hi all,

A wonderful week here in Anchorage Alaska visiting customers.  I really like enabling people to survive DR events.  I really appreciate how much customers like Veeam, it is a real honor and pleasure working with them.

I am going to be at VeeamON after all and I look forward to meeting and visiting with you.  Should be a good event and I am looking forward to it. Please look for me if you want to chat, and if you are a VAO customer would really like to talk with you.

BTW, the Veeam Agents for IBM AIX and Oracle Solaris are now in beta and you can find out more here.

As it was a busy week with customers I did no new blog articles to talk about here.  However, I did install Nextena again so I did some minor updates of that article.  I love the Nexenta software.

Lets get busy with sharing out some good stuff.

Have a great week,


Fully featured HTML5 vSphere Client Coming in Fall 2018
This is very good news indeed - we now have a more or less date time-frame to look forward to the HTML5 vSphere Client being feature complete!  I  am definitely looking forward to this.  I was  at VMware when the vSphere Web Client came out, and I forced myself to use it, and so I have been waiting for a fully featured vSphere Client in HTML5 for longer than most.

Upgrade ESXi 6.x to 6.7 via CLI - Two Methods
I normally use VUM to upgrade my hosts.  That allows me to keep more VMs running and it is easy and very little impact on me or my users.  However, that is not always an option for everyone so here is an article with some alternative ides. Good to be aware of these as likely at some point it will be useful info you need.

vSphere 6.7 - What’s New
A nice video whiteboard on what is new in vSphere 6.7.  I find people still curious of the new version.

vSphere 6.7 - Upgrade Preparation
You can learn more about preparing to vSphere 6.7 in this video whiteboard.

Problems enabling Secure Boot on an ESXi server?
I don’t think my SuperMicro servers will support this functionality for a while but I have heard some users that are told their servers - HP and Dell - do support it but have had some issues.  Use this KB article, and this KB article for help.

Recovering damaged VMFS partitions
It is very good to have someone confirm that this article works under vSphere 6.7. Damaged VMFS partitions is very rate but when it occurs it is very painful and this info can help.

Upgrading your vSphere Environment with Site Recovery Manager and vSphere Replication
An interesting and helpful article if you need to upgrade older SRM to the current!

Support Insight and Obfuscation
I like very much in vSAN how it shares information about your environment to VMware support so that if you call them they can help you really fast.  I particularly like how they obfuscate things so that they don’t know your server names. Mind you this can be confusing when they say the SSD in  host-27 is the issue.  You can learn about how to understand in this KB article. I do like this feature a lot.

An aggregation of vSphere 6.7 and Other Product Release
You can find a great list of recent VMware release links in this article.  Nice collection of stuff.

How to install 32 / 64 bit OS on  Nested vSphere
A simple article to help you with installing OS under nested vSphere.

vRealize Automation 7.4 What’s New
You can learn more about what is new in 7.4 from this article / video.

How to move Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 v1.5 to a new server
Someone was asking about this recently - moving a Veeam backup for O365 to a new server and now we have a KB article on the subject.

Veeam File Browser
Thanks very much for this article.  It is a good reminder to everyone that uses Veeam. Very cool functionality. Nice to have an option for moving files up or down with a datastore.

Using Veeam in VMware on AWS (VMC)
One of my co-workers was working on Veeam Backup & Replication and forgot to check this article. VMware made some small changes in the recent VMC environment and we released a patch so if you are doing VMC and Veeam check out the article.

Accessing private and non-routing networks with your Veeam server
Shortly after joining Veeam several co-workers did not believe me when I said Veeam Backup servers could access storage networks so that you could  do Direct NFS for example. So I wrote an article on how to do it. But recently someone else was doubtful so I have shared it out again. BTW, this info is also very helpful when you do nested vSphere.

Veeam: Don’t let your dog eat your blog - Protecting cPanel multi-tenant using Veeam Agent for Linux and Veeam Cloud Connect
An interesting article by Jorge about a very odd but useful use case of allowing blog authors protect their blog.

Veeam Backup as a Service - part 1
Chip has a very nice article that is the start of how to do backup as as service with Veeam and SovLabs.  Very good info and a wonderful end product!

Microsoft Patch Tuesday Fixes two CVEs Under Active Attack
Thanks to Danny Allen for pointing me at this article.  There are some important updates for Microsoft and they help with some real issues.

Do you make users rotate passwords? Well, cut it out!
I so agree with this article, you should not force users to change their passwords.  Force them to have long complex passwords, and use password managers.

ZAGG Rugged Messenger 7 Color Case and Keyboard - NOT recommended
I have this case / keyboard from ZAGG and really liked it.  But once on the road and using it a lot I realized it was using up the iPad battery like crazy.  My iPad could not go the whole day any longer.  On an airplane, it was at 50% before I was halfway home.  So it is a nice case, nice keyboard, and it holds the Apple pencil nice, but the battery killing functionality is a problem.  It is not hugging my iPad any longer.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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