Fixing Nexenta “Errors”

Hello there,

When I log onto the console of my Nexenta storage array, I see I have some errors.

One is critical, and there are 10 major.  So it sounds serious, but, the fact is the management UI – Fusion, says I have no errors.

So what does this all mean?

First, Fusion shows by default only errors or issues in the last 30 days by default.

Second, if Fusion is not running then errors that occur in the array would not be seen in Fusion – which sort of makes sense.

But, I have these errors and yet everything is working good, and I want to get rid of them.  That turns out to be a little harder than it sounds. First, use the command (at the console of the array):

alert cases

It will look something like below:

We will need the UUID from each command.

So use the following command for each UUID. Copy and paste the UUID.

alert acquit -y UUID

There will be no response when you hit return on the above command. Do the command for each UUID and when you are done do the following:

system status

And you should see no more errors.  And yet, when any errors occur, you should see them in Fusion now since it is always running.  As well, if you have issues and talk to support they will help make sure there is no outstanding errors so in theory you will not need to know the info in this article!


=== END ===

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