Newsletter: March 3, 2018

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I hope you had a good week?  Our week ended with quite a snow blizzard, though not quite as bad as in England. But I made it home early – before traffic – from the gym so it was easy driving, and my wife walked home. Was tougher on her with the snow failing all day it means no so many sidewalks clean.

I had some interesting articles this week, like the GA of VAO, making Runecast Analyzer work, but also a very fun one was PowerCLI on the Mac! I also enjoyed getting an HPE VTL working for my lab.

Next week I will spend time in vRA and SovLabs working on another very cool and useful white paper.  But, also, I need to work on some Veeam PN stuff so that is pretty cool too.

Another busy week!  I hope everyone has a good week ahead,


New Release: VMware PowerCLI 10.0.0
An exciting new release – and supported on PowerShell Core too! This is a very easy upgrade! Find out more in this article. BTW, here is an article about how to do PowerShell on Linux, and mine on on a Mac.

Answers to Common vSphere 6.5 Upgrade questions
Some interesting questions and answers in this list, but there are also some good links – one to more Q&A but one to the reply of the webinar of the upgrade stuff for vSphere 6.5.

vSphere HTML5 Web Client – v3.35
Another release of the vSphere Client fling, and you can see more about what’s new in this article. I really like the vSphere Client and I cannot wait until the fling and the actual client are at parity, and finished!

Reliable Network Connectivity in Hyper-Converged Environments
A very useful and helpful article that will help you understand the impact of dropped packets and latency on vSAN.  But also how vSAN can help identify those issues.  I really miss vSAN.

vSAN Online Health checks: New KBs now available
There are now new KB articles attached to online health checks in vSAN. This is pretty cool, and you get it automatically, without installing anything. I love how this helps customers and in a proactive way.

VMware Capacity Reporting Part III: Thoughts on VMFS Capacity Reporting
Cody has his next article on learning more about VMFS. This one about understanding capacity which is more complex than it sounds! So as always Cody has some good ideas to learn from.

Fix the Security Audits in vRealize Operations
Bob has a very good point in his article. The security audit stuff in vROps could be so much more.

VMware Updates VIC, Reaffirming Containers and Virtual Machines should Coexist
I saw this article about the new release of VIC and I am thinking about spinning it up in my lab.  We will see if I have the time. It does make sense to me to have both virtual machines and containers as they both solve different problems.

Understanding VMware ESXi Queuing and the FlashArray
I was reminded yesterday of this article that Cody did a while back.  Very good info if you want to learn more about ESXi queues.  And who doesn’t – other than Cody that is.

Deploy VMware VCSA 6.5 onto bare metal Oracle Ravello
I tried to do this once – get a VCSA into Ravello and it was a little difficult.  Actually a lot. So it is quite good that Ian has the full info.

VMware NSX Customer Advisory – January 2018
I saw this recently and I had not seen it before but I thought it very much worth sharing.  If you are using NSX this article will help you determine issues and workarounds or fixes.

Getting users in an AD Group through vRA
Chip has an article that can be a lot of help with vRA and AD if you are working in that area. I would assume that anyone making vRA work in a production environment will need this article.

Veeam CBT Driver Technical Overview for Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows
Rick has a new TWP on the benefits of the Veeam CBT driver, and that is very true, that CBT driver is pretty darn cool and really helps out on performance. While the article is about SQL and CBT you can be sure it will help with other apps too!

Veeam and Backblaze
I have talked in this newsletter before about Backblaze.  I use it, and have for a number of years, to backup my two Mac’s and my wife’s too, to the cloud.  It is the best combination of price and service. So it was very cool to see how Backblaze and Veeam can get along – see part 1 and part 2.

Veeam v9 – My Veeam Report 9.5.3
I saw this article recently, and expect to get it going for me in my lab this weekend.  It looks pretty nice. Veeam does nice email, but there ends up being a lot of them.  One email with detailed history would be quite nice.

The Hidden Automation Tax No One Talks About
In this article Melissa talks about the hidden automation tax, and I can tell she has lived it.  Some very good points and suggestions.

Zapier to Slack
Michael has an interesting article on how he works more efficiently.  It is sort of like IFTTT but not. But it allows him to do more reading in one place and that is very good.  I see how this can combine things all in one place, but I suspect, or wonder, if you can reply to anything, and if it goes back to where it came from.  No reason not to work I think?

Data in The Context of Digital Transformation
An interesting article with very good points too, about how data is accumulating and how we do not always have the tools but how important it is.

My boss shared this video out and it is fascinating!

Important ReFS patch now available and highly recommended
I saw this article thanks to my boss’s newsletter from the Veeam forum this past weekend. This Microsoft  fix for ReFS is important and I am told it solves a lot of things and is very good for people that run ReFS based Veeam repo’s.  When I investigated I noticed that this patch was already installed on my Win2K16 servers so that was nice. BTW, you do not need to do the registry tweaks as they are for serious corner cases such as very low server memory.  I suggest you talk to MS support before you use them.

1Password Integrates with ‘Pwned Passwords’ to check if your passwords have been leaked online
This incredible new feature – letting you know if your passwords are out in the wild – is very cool.  It currently is only in the 1Password web edition but I understand it will end up in the other 1Password products at some time. I look forward to having this functionality.  I use all 1Password generated random passwords – and different for each service, so I don’t think I will often see my passwords out there but you never know. In related news, the UK and Australian governments are using the same service to see if any of their government users passwords are out.

How “Hey Siri” works with multiple devices
This article will be very helpful if you just got a HomePod.  I hope to get one the next time I am in the US and I am looking forward to it. But if you have one now, that article might help with understanding who will answer the hey Siri.

Best Webcams for Mac in 2018
In this article you can learn a bit about a variety of webcams in case you need one.

Teamwork, Family, and Being a Role Model
Some very good stuff in Chris Wahl’s article. Balance in life is important. I would like to add to his comments on family, that my wife and I dealt with me being rotated for three months at a time to Asia to work, and one month at home, or at VMware several times 200 nights on the road (in a year), by using a framework.  What I mean is we do three or four days in the mountains, or a hiking week in a desert, or a wine dinner, but all together and all in the calendar.  Having that to work towards, or look forward to, and then all the time together, it really helped us stick together well through what were tough times.  She also knew they were not tough times just because.  Asia was lots of money and amazing work experience, and the 200 nights in a year on the road was bringing a product (SRM) to life. BTW, I too use my iPhone for navigation in the backcountry.  Works pretty good too.  The software I use is Gaia. It is hard to go back to a traditional GPS after using my iPhone and Gaia.

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