This site can’t be reached, when I click on a Veeam report

Hi all,

I recently clicked on the View Latest Backup Job Status Report link. You can see the link for that below in the screenshot from my Veeam Plug-in of the vSphere Web Client.

You can see the two nice links above.  The error I got when I clicked on the View Latest link is seen below.

I immediately nice the URL in the error message is not quite right. So I changed to the Settings tab and look at the config info.

I see the problem info.  That is not the right config for connecting to my Veeam ONE server (the FQDN is not quite right, and there is a . instead of a : before the port).  So I correct it.

If you have this same issue, you would replace my server name with yours.  How did this happen?  I have no idea.  I did not enter either of these fields so it was done without my fingers but not sure how or why.

Now, once you correct the URL it is important you log out and back in to the vSphere Web Client. Next time I click on the same link I see this nice report (after a few clicks and an authentication).

So all good now.


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